Morgan Bradford, '12

Graceland alum Morgan Bradford `12

Accomplishment: Graceland Residence Life
Major: Athletic Training
House: Shalom

It was an accident that got Morgan Bradford ’12 interested in Residence Life.

When a friend had a fender-bender driving through Des Moines, Morgan was able to give her the support and encouragement she needed to drive back to Graceland’s Lamoni campus. Though the incident may seem minor, it was the experience that helped Morgan realize she possesses the leadership and counseling skills that Graceland House Presidents require.

And two years later, there is nothing accidental about her postgraduate Residence Life Intentions.

After serving for one year as Shalom House President, Morgan is the current Council of House Presidents (CHP) President. After her graduation this May, Morgan is Texas bound. She’s accepted a position as Graduate Hall Coordinator at Texas Tech University. While working there, Morgan will advise Resident Assistants (or as the Texas Tech calls them ‘Community Advisors’) and receive a degree in Higher Education. Morgan notes that this position would be impossible for her to obtain without her involvement with Graceland Residence Life.

"I fill my day with things that I love doing."

“My passion is helping people and being supportive. Being able to do that every day is really affirming and tells me that I’m in the right place,” said Morgan.

Morgan’s contributions to Graceland extend beyond the realm of Residence Life. She’s played for Graceland’s JV Volleyball team, been an active member of the Graceland Honors Program, served as a COSA Representative, and has sang in Campus Ministries’ Afterglow Praise Band for two years.

As an Athletic Training major, much of her time is dedicated to Graceland sports. She’s worked as a trainer for football, basketball, outdoor/indoor track, and baseball. Eventually, Morgan hopes to obtain a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy and work in an orthopedic clinic.

Until then, Residence Life and Student Affairs promise to be important chapters in Morgan’s life.

“Morgan has been a natural fit for residence life because she is uplifting and caring and always aware and compassionate to the needs of those around her. She doesn’t just care about people because it is a job; she invests in the house presidents she leads and the students on campus because it is in her nature to love those around her,” said Kacey Courtney, Tess Morgan Hall Director.

Division of Health and Movement Sciences