Newcom Student Union Update - Oct. 1, 2019

Exterior view of Newcom Student Union under construction

The work on Newcom Student Union continues to make good progress. Here is the latest news:

  • Concrete floors for the new additions have been poured.
  • The structural steel and metal roof decking for the areas over those additions is very near complete.
  • The structural steel has been installed for the expansion of the stage area in the main room. This enlarged area will become an enclosed game room for students.
  • HVAC ductwork continues to move forward with plans to mount large heating and cooling units on the roof in the near future. This work will require a large crane on the site.
  • Work has begun on the data distribution network with the installation of the main data line cable trays.
  • Electrical work continues, with progress on the installation of electrical distribution panels.
  • Plans are developing for connections to main water and sewer lines to take place in the near future. This will require the excavation of significant trenches outside of the boundaries of the fenced construction area.
  • An order has been placed for new furniture for the building with an expected delivery date in February.

We'll continue posting regular updates to this page. If you'd like to see the updates in person, come visit us at homecoming!