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Success: Lexi Kroesen

April 3, 2017

Lexi Kroesen is a current student enrolled in Graceland University’s School of Nursing and pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She came to Graceland from a tiny h...

When Andrew Murphy '14 started at Graceland, he had seen little of the world beyond the Midwest. In Lamoni, "the center of everywhere," he became friends with Hawaiian volleyball players who inspired him to travel. After a summer in South Korea with World Service Corps, he was on his way to being a global citizen serving the less fortunate.

Graceland graduate Paloma Ortiz ‘15 is a busy woman with a plan to move justice forward. She is excited about her career and the direction her life is going. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Spanish/Chemistry minors, she was accepted to Emporia State University’s Master of Science program in forensics.

Graceland University alumna Marlee Quirarte ‘15 has been making her goals and aspirations come to life in the city of dreams. Originally from Independence, Missouri, Quirarte is now living in L.A., and as a student at Graceland, she spent a lot of time performing under the stage lights as a film and theatre major. It was through these experiences, she says, that she gained necessary confidence and continues to grow as a performer and artist.

Griff Cady - Student Success

November 11, 2016

The Graceland connections are valuable! Griff Cady ’17 landed a great internship for the summer in San Diego, California, because of the Graceland network of friends.

The Drive to Succeed

November 7, 2016


So he’s a numbers guy who likes people – a really good combination.

It was a really good experience to learn more about drug discovery and to learn about scientists who are working in current, relevant fields; to learn things that no one else knows about yet.

...he realized he was just as prepared and was thankful for Graceland’s solid science program.

Jenna Cox - Student Success

November 4, 2016

For my entire life, all I have wanted to do is work alongside animals. Caring for them fills my heart to the brim.

Sarimar Gascot ’17 is prepared for the disaster.

He is preparing to change the world.

Leah Koch - Student Success

November 4, 2016

Leah knows firsthand what a difference good teachers can make in the lives of their students.

Ashley Edwards '05

February 16, 2016

Ashley is a former HIV/Maternal Health Case Manager, now a traveling photographer who is working toward medical school to become an infectious disease specialist.

Amber Kunzweiler '10

February 3, 2016

English instructor, South Harrison High School, Bethany, MO

"I learned marketing isn’t just about selling, it’s about nurturing clients ..."

"It has been an eye-opening experience not only for a design student but for a longtime community member."

Volunteer work in hospitals in 11 countries in 11 months changed her life.

Darcy Volz - Student Success

September 23, 2015

“... seeing scientists working together was really inspiring”

Oscar Chang - Student Success

September 23, 2015

“I learned a lot of real-life applications and problem solving.”

We followed up with Marissa and learned she's been experiencing success in her new career as a paid actress, and still credits Graceland for sparking the fire that began her journey.

"During my experience, I felt at home from the very beginning. The community at the company seemed very close knit and close to the 'Graceland Experience' that I have come to love."

Braden Austin '16

March 26, 2015

Braden shares, “I never really liked school until I started attending Graceland. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Macro and Micro Economics, even though my major is theatre and I am going to see if I can minor in business or economics before I graduate. I couldn't be happier. I love it here … Graceland saved my life.”

During my internship with the Office of General Council, Community of Christ, I was able to build lasting relationships with all seven members. All members were friendly, welc...

During my junior year I obtained a summer internship at Eli Lilly and Company, an American global pharmaceutical company. I spent my time in the Musculoskeletal division where...