Dual Major Online

Online Dual Major in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership Program

Four reasons why students come into our unique dual major business program:

  • It’s online, which makes it affordable and convenient.
  • They earn a dual major that will enhance their career potential.
  • We only hire caring faculty with real world experience.                     

We are proud to offer a dual major ONLINE Bachelor of Arts degree completion business program that will prepare you with the skills employers want.

You will learn the basics of business with classes such as Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Business Finance, Human Resources and Business Policy. You will then take classes that will help you to be a manager and leader as your career progresses. These classes include Principles of Management, Concepts of Leadership, Skills in Organizational Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Interpersonal Communications.

Our 0-120 program makes it possible for a student to come in with zero college credits and have the ability to complete their degree through Graceland fully online. Our convenient, online format allows students to develop their own flexible study schedule that easily fits into their work and family life without having to come to our campus. Whether just starting college having zero earned credits, or having already completed an associate’s degree, Graceland’s online dual major in business administration and organizational leadership program is designed for you.

All classes are eight weeks long, which allows most students to complete their degree in less than two years and be ready to move into a brighter future. The program starts six times a year.

Refer to our online catalog for the course listings and descriptions of this program:

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