Theatre Department Coordinator, Professor of Theatre

Tracy Salter, MFA

Theatre Department Coordinator, Professor of Theatre

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Office: tel:6417845268

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Shaw Center, Rm #154

Theatre Department Coordinator, Professor of Theatre

Visual and Performing Arts have the potential to change the world. As a human, teacher and theatre maker, I have seen and felt this statement to be true. I have seen and felt the changes in myself as I explore, research and produce a story for the stage and in the audiences that share the experience. Tiny or massive shifts in a perspective, the lens we view the world through, an empathy awakened, a belief echoed… The palpable energy exchange between an audience and a production is electric and transformative. We tell stories and the stories we tell reflect the world we live in, all of it; the uplifting and inspiring, the tragic and grief filled, the rage and chaos, the gentle and compassionate… wow, good stuff. How amazing that I am afforded the opportunity to work in the Arts at Graceland University, sharing with and guiding students in the classroom and on stage.

I have been the Theatre Department Coordinator at Graceland University since 2010. Prior to my Graceland position, I taught at the University of Northern Colorado and worked as a Teaching Artist for enACT, a nonprofit drama therapy organization in New York City.

I love the peace of Lamoni but also the energy of a city. My three feline fur children, Waikiki, KC, and Sweet Pea, have taught me the art of slowing down and luxuriating in the sunshine. Originally from Alabama, it seems strange to admit that I don’t really know much about football, however, War Eagle!