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Get the best Graceland has to offer in a flexible format that fits your schedule.

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Earn Your Degree Online

At Graceland, we believe a top-quality college education should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we were one of the first universities to offer full online undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs and have continued to do so for nearly 20 years. Whether you’re just getting started toward an undergraduate degree or looking to further your education through one of our master’s programs, at Graceland, you can access our fully accredited online university courses from anywhere whether it be your living room, your workspace, or a coffee shop.

Graceland offers a variety of online degree programs in many of our major courses. For example: nursing, business, education and seminary.

Why Earn Your Degree Online at Graceland?


Online Bachelor's Program

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Student Testimonials
A Graceland instructor shared this advice and it has stuck with me throughout my career: It takes a nurse to save your life. I am the eyes at the bedside for the doctors. I assess and must have the knowledge to point out when something doesn't seem right. People come to me not feeling their best. I'm here to be a voice for them, to be an advocate for them, to get them back to feeling their best.
Krishelle Ivory, FNP '10 Nurse Practitioner, Liberty Care Center, Spira Care Nursing
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Student Testimonials
Graceland's hands-on learning experience and experienced professors made the experience valuable. The in-clinical experience and practicum was most useful to me.
Falon Giles '14 Critical Care RN Nursing
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Your Home Base

Graceland’s online programs are run out of our Independence, Missouri, campus located just 20 minutes outside downtown Kansas City. This campus is also where you’ll go for any in-person focus sessions you may need to attend to complete your degree. The campus also offers study spaces for our students, whether they are studying in person or online. Having a connection to a physical campus opens up opportunities for attending events, and connecting with other students and career opportunities in your area.