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Associate Professor of English

Catherine “Cat” Clifford, PhD (she, her, hers)

Associate Professor of English


BA, English, Oklahoma State University
MA, Shakespeare, University of Birmingham (UK)
MA, English, Texas A&M University
PhD, English, University of Birmingham (UK)

Phone Number

Office: 641.784.5154


Briggs Hall

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Associate Professor of English

A specialist in Shakespearean drama and Renaissance literature, Dr. Clifford loves teaching students how to read critically and analytically. Teaching students to think deeply about literary texts is central to humanistic learning, which emphasizes cultivating empathy and living an examined life; as such, Dr. Clifford works to invite students to read texts in diverse ways using multiple lenses and perspectives.

Dr. Clifford’s passion is Renaissance literature, and she has primarily published on early modern English drama and court performance, a field of study which seeks to find connections between drama, power, and space. Her current work seeks to center asexuality in early modern English literature, a project ultimately invested in queer liberation.

One of my passions is running ultramarathons (distances over the traditional 26.2 miles), so when I'm not thinking about or reading "old books," I'm probably running.