Samantha Byrnes, RN, BSN

Clinical Adjunct - School of Nursing

Samantha Byrnes, RN, BSN, is clinical adjunct faculty for Graceland University’s School of Nursing. Nursing has been a passion and career of hers for six years.


Graduating from the University of Missouri – Columbia, Byrnes began her journey as a telemetry nurse at North Kansas City Hospital. After a few years, she moved to Saint Luke’s Health System where she first became a clinical instructor and fell in love with teaching nursing students. Following three years of teaching students at the bedside, Byrnes made the decision to return to academics and pursue a master’s in education from the University of Central Missouri. Her projected graduation date is set for January 2019.


Byrnes describes seeing the “light bulb turn on” in the eyes of her students is an experience like none other. Her excitement is difficult to contain when she thinks about how close she is to teaching full-time.


When not working 12-hour shifts or cracking her schoolbooks to work and study, Byrnes’ home life revolves around her very rambunctious and curious 2-year-old son, Pierce. She and her husband are constantly on the move with Pierce and their pup, Marley, always looking for new adventures. They most recently took a trip to Europe with family. Before her head hits the pillow each night, Byrnes squeezes in a few minutes of leisure reading (Harry Potter, mostly).


“As for now, that is all my schedule can allow, but I enjoy the thought of continuing my education in the future!”

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Independence Campus

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