The Constance Gallery

The Constance Gallery in the Helene Center for the Visual Arts exhibits works by regionally and nationally recognized artists. The gallery boasts an active season of five professional exhibitions throughout the year and one annual Juried Student Show every spring. Visiting and exhibiting artists are invited to present artist talks, hold workshops and conduct critiques with advanced students. The Gallery is viewed as an educational tool and an extension of the classroom.

We accept rolling applications for exhibitions in the Constance Gallery. Please contact Karen Gergely, art department coordinator, at for exhibition consideration. 


The Helene Center Student Gallery 

We have two student gallery spaces in the Helene Center for the Visual Arts used for capstone exhibitions and critiques. We encourage students to use the space, when not in use, for experimentation, installations and student proposed shows. These spaces serve as both an extension of the classroom and areas for interaction with the public.   


The Gallery at Shaw Center

The exhibition of fine works of art by Canadian artists is a generous gift from JR and Carol Shaw. It is a permanent collection that is now a part of the Graceland University legacy. The Gallery at Shaw Center offers the opportunity to showcase these selected works along a 120-foot bank of windows in a climate controlled archival setting. The north-facing gallery serves as a "front door" to our campus.