They come from all over the U.S. and all over the world. Some have never seen snow, and some hope they never see it again. Some have never had a parking ticket; some are fleeing lands torn by civil war and hunger. They want to learn about psychology, chemistry, computer science, teaching, nursing, clarinets, theatre
and business. From diverse backgrounds and interests, at Graceland, they bond together
as a community. In the chaotic, high-spirited campus fellowship that is a hallmark of a vibrant university, they make lifelong friends and develop the confidence and passion to make the world a better place. 

Your generous and ongoing support makes the difference. Thanks to solid support from 6,624 Graceland alumni and friend families, we have reached 98% of our $75 million Graceland Forever campaign with anticipation that we will complete the campaign in December. We will celebrate together in 2016 having exceeded the most ambitious capital campaign in the University’s history that has greatly provided a needed upgrade to campus facilities, faculty support and scholarships.

Your contributions helped deliver life-changing experiences in the lives of 2,406 students. Their learning experiences were enriched by 80 international students representing 26 countries and by travel opportunities to sites like Zambia and the Dominican Republic to teach, learn and make new friends.

A university’s work is a team effort, and Team Graceland is a powerhouse. Our strength comes from the hard work by faculty and staff, vision from the administration and Board of Trustees, and the continuing faith of those who have experienced the transforming power of education rooted in respect for learning, wholeness and community. Thank you for your continuing support. 


Kelly W. Everett
Vice President of Institutional Advancement