Health Programs of Study

Graduate Program (online)

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science - Allied Health Major

Bachelor of Arts - Health and Movement Science Major

  • Coaching Concentration

  • Health Concentration (may also take as a minor or receive a teaching endorsement)
    The path to a degree in health at Graceland University can take you out of the classroom and into fascinating experiences job shadowing, volunteering and interning at hospitals, the American Red Cross, doctors' offices and clinics, and government community health programs. It can take you into other classrooms if you pursue the teaching endorsement in health. It won't take long before you discover a specific job you love.

    Faculty Coordinator: Jess Wallace, MA, ATC
  • Health Education Concentration (may also receive a teaching endorsement)

  • Physical Education Concentration (may also receive a teaching endorsement)
    The physical education concentration is grounded in the liberal arts and includes coursework in teaching movement, fitness and educational methods. Whether majoring in physical education is a natural extension of your athletic abilities, you yearn to coach a high school or collegiate athletic team, or you dream of teaching children to skip, catch and care for their bodies, physical education is for you.

    Faculty Coordinator: Jess Wallace, MA, ATC
  • Recreation Concentration
    Leisure time has become a major industry. Trained professionals who can program leisure time in creative and meaningful ways are critical to all of us. Cities, school districts, corporations, colleges and voluntary agencies all deliver recreation programs to keep their people healthy, fit and engaged in activities they find fun and motivating.

    Faculty Coordinator: Stew McDole, RecD

Bachelor of Arts - Sport Management Major (may also take as a minor)


Graceland has been ranked #7 by Zippia amongst the best health and wellness programs in Iowa for 2019