Newcom Student Union


As a Graceland student, I know that the MSC houses so many different experiences for students. The remodel of the MSC is more than just an investment for the university; it's an investment in our students. Students spend countless hours there - playing pool, grabbing a bite to eat, checking mail, doing homework or just hanging out with friends. It makes me excited that student input helped make Newcom Student Union a place reflecting the wants and needs of the students for years to come.

The original MSC was completed in 1950 and an addition was added in 1961. An extensive upgrade was needed. Newcom Student Union will inspire prospective students and connect current students with the broader campus community, helping with both recruitment and retention.

The renovation has doubled the size of the Swarm Inn and added a Digital Commons with a beautiful view of campus. In addition, a first-class game room was constructed on the old stage area where students can play foosball, air hockey, pool, and strengthen relationships with their fellow students, faculty and staff. The mezzanine was refocused to include student government work areas, a conference room, and our Enactus program, along with offices.