Acacia, The Graceland University Yearbook

  • To purchase the 2019-20 Acacia, accessories, Student Recognition Ads or Business Ads, please visit here. Those graduating from the Lamoni campus in April receive the Acacia as part of the graduation fee and do not need to order the yearbook individually, but can purchase personalization. See the website for details.
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Acacia, the Graceland University yearbook, has been published since 1912. While much has changed since then, especially technology, there is still something about the touch and aroma of a newly printed book. It is wrapped up in the passing of time, both the time to create (what else takes a year to make?) and to open after it sits on a shelf for years. In both cases, opening its pages fosters memories and emotions. Yearbooks are cherished.

Our mission is to capture and share the story of the Graceland University community each year through digital photography, graphic design and writing. Our team of student employees and interns work 5-10 hours per week using Jostens Yearbook Avenue, a patented online yearbook system that helps plan, create and sell the Acacia. The Acacia and the Tower (student newspaper) are temporarily located in the basement level of Zimmermann Hall, Room 125. 

The name Acacia was suggested by student Peter T. Chosokabe of Japan. This is how he explained his recommendation:

The word shall be well compared to the distinction of our college annual; the virtue of acacia to the virtue of Graceland College; the perfume of acacia to the sweet memories of old students; its euphonious sound to the peaceful atmosphere of the college location.

In its 100-plus-year history, the Graceland yearbook has been published in different styles, formats and sizes. It’s been published in weekly sections with the student newspaper (1923), quarterly and with a plastic binder (1970), and with a vinyl record (1959 and 1961) as small as 7 ¾” wide by 8 ¼” tall and as large as 9” wide by 12” tall.

A complete collection is held in the Frederick Madison Smith Library on the Lamoni campus.

Emily Alexander volunteers as the staff adviser for Acacia. Emily serves as interim director of the Grabske Library at Graceland. Contact Emily by phone at 641.784.5483 or via email at

Mike Hoffman volunteers as the marketing adviser for Acacia. He serves Graceland as the campus minister. Contact Mike by phone at 641.784.5466 or 641.223.0675 (cell) or via email at