Family Nurse Practitioner Program - MSN Degree

The family nurse practitioner program track prepares the RN to care for individuals and families in a wide variety of health care settings, including clinics, community-based settings, long-term care facilities and hospitals. Family nurse practitioners (FNP's) are trained to provide a wide range of care to a diverse group of patients.

FNP's focus on health promotion and disease prevention, beginning in childhood and continuing throughout the aging process and are trained to diagnose and develop treatment plans for acute and chronic diseases.

The student’s area of study incorporates a blend of theory and research with an emphasis on guided practice in clinical areas. The required 600 hours of practicum work may be completed in the student’s own community (anywhere in the U.S., Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico). During the practicum, the student’s hands-on experiences are directly supervised by an approved local preceptor as well as a member of Graceland’s nursing faculty.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree

Core Courses (23 s.h. required for all specialty tracks)
NURS5010 Introduction to MSN and Post-graduate Certificate Programs 0 s.h.
NURS5100 Pharmacotherapeutics 4 s.h.
NURS5121 Theory in Nursing 3 s.h.
NURS5143 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning 4 s.h.
NURS5170 Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice 4 s.h.
NURS5194 Advanced Practice Competencies Lab 1 s.h.
NURS5440 Advanced Pathophysiology 4 s.h.
NURS6930 Application of Research for Best Practices 3 s.h.

MSN Specialty Track: Family Nurse Practitioner (24 s.h.)

NURS5193 Advanced Practice Nursing in Primary Care 2 s.h.
NURS5200 Primary Care of Families: Pediatrics 3 s.h.
NURS6200 Primary Care of Families: Adults 3 s.h.
NURS6740 Family Nurse Practitioner Practicum: Pediatrics 4 s.h.
NURS6760 Family Nurse Practitioner Practicum: Adults 4 s.h.
NURS6800 Roles and Issues for Advanced Practice Nurses 4 s.h.
NURS6830 Family Nurse Practitioner Practicum: Family 4 s.h.

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CCNE Accreditation


The baccalaureate degree in nursing, master’s degree in nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice at Graceland University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, (202)887.6791.
The master’s and doctoral degrees in nursing have full approval status with the Iowa State Board of Nursing.
The baccalaureate degrees in nursing have full approval status with the Iowa and Missouri State Boards of Nursing.