Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) - MSN Degree

Adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioners (AGACNP's) assess and manage acutely ill patients within the in-patient or hospital setting working across departments from clinic to hospital environments such as ER, ICU, acute care wards and many other specialties.

Graceland’s online AGACNP program track prepares today’s RN to provide complex monitoring, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and develop composite treatment options based on current evidence-based practices to alleviate patient suffering and augment their overall health. 

AGACNP, Graceland’s newest graduate nursing program, prepares students to become expert clinicians by participating in clinical practicums spanning a multitude of acute care settings to include: emergency medicine, critical care medicine, hospitalist medicine, pulmonology, neurology and cardiology.

Additionally, AGACNP students pick specialty practicums which may include orthopedics, endocrinology, oncology, rheumatology and hematology. This diverse mix of specialties ensures that our AGACNP program graduates are more than qualified, not only to sit for the certification exam but are prepared to practice from day one after graduation. 

NURS5010 Introduction to MSN and Post-graduate Certificate Program (0 s.h.)
NURS5170 Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice (4 s.h.)
NURS5121 Theory in Nursing (3 s.h.)
NURS5440 Advanced Pathophysiology (4 s.h.)
NURS6800 Roles and Issues for Advanced Practice Nurses (4 s.h.)
NURS5100 Pharmacotherapeutics (4 s.h.)
NURS5143 Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning (4 s.h.)
NURS5194 Advanced Practice Competency Lab (1 s.h.)
NURS5280 Acute Care of Adult Gerontology Populations I (3 s.h.)
NURS5192 Advanced Practice Procedures in Acute Care (2 s.h.)
NURS5270 Care of Adult Gerontology Populations (3 s.h.)
NURS5290 Acute Care of Adult Gerontology Populations II (3 s.h.)
NURS6930 EBP Synthesis Project (3 s.h.)
NURS5450 AGACNP Practicum: Chronic Care (3 s.h.)
NURS5460 AGACNP Practicum: Acute Care (3 s.h.)
NURS5470 AGACNP Practicum: Final (3 s.h.)

Total 47 s.h.

"When I was considering becoming a nurse practitioner, my dream job was in acute care. I want to learn the skills necessary to treat acutely ill patients in the inpatient setting. Finishing the Family Nurse Practitioner program, I feel I have a solid grasp on outpatient medical management of chronic and acute conditions. Desiring a broader knowledge base and skill set to help more patients in need, I have chosen the path of the Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program. The skills and knowledge I will gain in the AGACNP program will make me a more confident and knowledgeable professional."

- Joshua Smith `20
Student, School of Nursing

Read Dr. Dustin Williams', assistant professor of nursing and AGACNP program coordinator, work published in The Journal of Infusion Nursing.


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