2019 - 2020 Undergraduate Tuition, Expenses and Financial Requirements

For specific fee or tuition amounts, please refer to the specific program or general fee section. All costs are quoted in United States currency. All payments are due in U.S. funds. The University reserves the right to change its rates without notice. Rates may change for 2020 – 2021.

Table of Contents

Application Fee
Institutional Deposit
Tuition and Auditing
Room Rates (Lamoni Campus)
Board (Lamoni Campus)
Additional Costs
Tuition and Fees
    General Fees
    Lamoni Campus Program
    Accelerated College Education Program (ACE)
    Center for Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS)
    School of Education
    School of Nursing
Financial Arrangements
    How do I pay my bill?
    Payment Plans
    Late Payments
    Credit Balance
    Withdrawal from the University
    Refunds and Return of Financial Aid for University Withdrawals
    Course Withdrawals
    Refunds and Return of Financial Aid for Course Withdrawals
    Refund of Institutional Deposit
Retired Citizen Tuition Waiver

Application Fee

A *nonrefundable application fee is required for the processing of transcripts and the determination of admissibility. Re-entry, degree-seeking students who have allowed a major semester (or the equivalent of a major semester) to elapse since last enrollment must pay a reactivation fee.

*Missouri Program students have a three business day right of rescission. Not applicable to the Lamoni Campus traditional Program.


Institutional Deposit

An institutional deposit of $200.00 is required for all full-time students on the Lamoni Campus. This deposit must be paid prior to receiving a room assignment or registering for classes. The deposit is refundable until May 1 for new or re-entry students entering fall semester, and November 1 for new or re-entry students entering spring semester. For enrolled students, the deposit is refundable (net of any outstanding charges) after termination of enrollment at Graceland University. Failure to initiate the withdrawal process or to complete the checkout process at the time of withdrawal from the university, either midsession or at the close of the session or academic year, can result in the forfeiture of the institutional deposit. Costs arising from damage to university property, supplies or equipment, as well as fines or other charges placed on the student account will be deducted from the deposit. In the event that the deposit is forfeited, it will not be available to help pay these costs.

Tuition and Auditing

Undergraduate students on the Lamoni Campus and undergraduate students in the Nursing Program on the Independence Campus are charged full-time tuition if enrolled in 10 – 18 semester hours. The part-time hourly fee is charged to students enrolled in less than 10 semester hours and to full-time undergraduate students for each hour registered over 18. Students who exceed the 18 semester hour limit by virtue of having applied lessons as part of their schedule are allowed to take the lessons without additional per hour tuition fees. Added tuition is waived for students officially admitted to the Honors Program who are taking over 18 hours with a cap of 21 semester hours in a given semester.  Hours over 21 will not be waived.

An audit fee of one-half the per semester hour part-time rate is charged for audited courses when the total of semester hours for audit and credit is less than 10. There is no audit fee charged for auditing courses if the total of semester hours of courses for credit and audit is 10 or more, including hours over 18.

Room Rates (Lamoni Campus)

Lamoni Campus residence hall room rates are based on the number of students expected to be assigned to the room. All freshman students are required to have roommates. Semi-private and private rooms are available on a limited basis to upper-class students. Returning students are given priority. If a student living on campus withdraws from housing (but not from school) anytime after the first week of the semester, the semester charge for housing remains assessed in full with no refund.

Board (Lamoni Campus)

Lamoni Campus residence hall students are required to purchase full board meal plans. Lamoni Campus students residing in the Small and Thomas apartments are required to purchase a 5 meal plan. Full meal plans or flex point meal purchases are available to students residing off campus. There are no refunds for missed meals. Food services will be closed during the official breaks of the university. Special dietary needs may be discussed with the Director of Food Services.

Additional Costs

The cost of books and supplies varies by program. The amount provided as expected budget is $660.00 per semester for purchase of books and supplies for undergraduate on-campus programs.

Special lesson and/or course fees exist.  Please refer to the Lamoni Campus Program Tuition & Fees for specific information.

Athletic equipment costs vary by sport and student.  Please contact your coach for cost information.