C.H. Sandage School of Business Faculty

Robert Poulton

Dean of C.H. Sandage School of Business; Associate Professor of Economics

Assistant Professor Economics As an undergraduate at Wittenberg University, I began studying economics as preparation for law school.  After my second course though, I w...

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Steven L. Anders

Professor of Economics

Steven L. Anders, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Economics, received his BA in Economics and Business Administration from Graceland University and his MA and PhD in Economics f...

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Paul Beck, PhD

Professor of Economics

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Linda DeBarthe

Professor of Accounting

Linda DeBarthe, Ph.D., CPA, has been teaching accounting and business courses in Graceland University’s C. H. Sandage School of Business since 1990. Her research inte...

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Kerry Gale, MBA

Assistant Professor of Business Admin

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Jeff McElroy

Assistant Professor Business Adm

Jeffery W. McElroy, MBA, is Assistant Professor of Business Administration. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Economics from Graceland University, an M.B.A. fr...

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Larry Murphy

Associate Professor of Accounting

Larry D. Murphy, MBA, CPA, is Associate Professor of Accounting at Graceland University. He holds a BS in Industrial Administration from Iowa State University and an MBA from Dr...

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Max Pitt, MBA

Associate Professor Business

As an Associate Professor in Graceland’s C.H. Sandage School of Business, I teach courses in Agricultural Business and Business Administration.  I earned my Bachelor ...

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