Shaw Movement Studio

Students Excel in the Shaw Movement Studio


The Shaw Center's sprung-vinyl floor in the Movement Studio is a nucleus for movement at Graceland. Whether the room is playing host to classes in the Division of Health and Movement Sciences, being utilized by the theatre department, or being used for a Cheer team practice, the Shaw Movement Studio is one of the facility's most active rooms.

Perhaps nobody is more excited to use the Movement Studio than the Gadets Dance team. Head Coach Mares Persall says the room is perfect for Gadets practice. The team utilizes the Studio’s double mirrors and bars to perfect technique and experiment with ballet. The floor’s soft, giving material allows the team to practice more rigorously without risking knee injuries. Simply put, Persall says “Everything is enhanced.” Rather than having to worry about space constrictions, the entire team easily practices together in the studio without having to change routines.

“Every day I walk into the Studio and I just say, ‘Wow, this place is amazing.’ I don’t know if that will ever wear off, even after years of using it,” said Persall.

“When the team walks into the Studio, we are just so excited to have that kind of room to move in. We can really express ourselves in there, and it makes us a stronger team. We all really love it, and are just thrilled that Graceland has a space for dance,” says Gadets' captain.

The Movement Studio continues to be a popular space on campus, being an ideal location to hold everything from practices for the Polynesian Club’s annual Hawaiian Luau to yoga classes.