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JR Theatre

Graceland Theatre in a Different Place

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Built in 2012, this versatile 50’ by 50’ performance space seats approximately 200, depending on production needs. The facility boasts a “tension grid” ceiling, 200 electrical outlets and a glassed-in control booth.

The JR Theatre is not only one of the finest dedicated spaces for theatre in existence anywhere in the midwest, but it also serves many other purposes. It reflects an elevated sense of importance so that this space, the program it serves and the productions it houses are more significant and a part of Graceland’s identity. The JR Theatre creates an atmosphere conducive to elevated levels of performance and creativity.

Arliss Howard, Artist in Residence

The JR Theatre provides greater flexibility and versatility, so the program can expand its scope and explore new pathways. It spurs interest from professional artists eager to perform in this room. Internationally known actor/writer/director Arliss Howard spent six weeks on campus as artist-in-residence. Arliss has been a prodigious actor since the early 1980s, working in television and on Broadway but primarily in film. His credits include Big Bad Love (co-starring his wife, actress Debra Winger), Men Don’t Leave, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Full Metal Jacket and many others. He worked with the Theatre Department to produce Our Town.