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The Outdoor Amphitheatre

A Center for Social and Cultural Life

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The outdoor Shaw Center Amphitheatre proves to be the perfect final piece of the Shaw Center complex. Throughout the annual Homecoming weekend celebrations, crowds continue to enjoy the fall weather from the Amphitheater. Whether the facility is hosting socializing and cupcakes at the 50-Year House System Celebration or accommodating the talents invited to grace the outdoor stage to perform a rambunctious concert, the Amphitheatre proves to be a wonderful hub for student life.

The Amphitheatre and its surrounding sidewalks weave the pieces of Graceland’s campus cohesively together. A hospitable place for students to congregate, groups to meet and outdoor classes to be held, the area that was once a parking lot is now an open space that has transformed the Quad into a peaceful pedestrian crossroads.

Built into the area’s naturally sloping landscape, the Amphitheatre is reminiscent of classic Greek amphitheatres. The venue includes three rows of formal seating, and the grassy incline behind the rows is perfect for informal seating on blankets and lawn chairs.

The Amphitheatre is home to the “Jazz on the Green” concerts. It’s a magnificent acoustical facility, and the audience can really see and hear the performances. The Amphitheatre is a community space that’s warm and inviting, and it really helps integrate music into campus life.

The Amphitheatre doesn’t just host the arts but athletic pep rallies, study sessions and quick lunches from the Swarm Inn. The area gives students the opportunity to experience a social and interactive dynamic.

“The outdoor Amphitheatre allows us all to dream on a level that far surpasses anything we may have been thinking about before,” said Lee Bash (retired). “Big crowds and dynamic ensembles realize what a special, exciting and visually impressive performance space this is. The Amphitheatre may very well play a prominent role in Graceland’s future.”