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Resource Management


Graceland has included environmental performance requirements in procurement contracts for the following:

  • paper
  • cleaning
  • office supplies
  • landscaping
  • building materials
  • equipment

Reduce your use stickersPaper Use

Graceland strives to reduce paper and ink usage on campus. Moving our campus toward paperless systems is one way in which the sustainability program and the Information Technology Services department are working together to reduce our campus printing footprint.

Cleaning Products

  • Ninety percent of daily cleaners are Green Seal Certified
  • All mattings are Green Seal Certified.
  • Seventy percent of wet mops are Green Seal Certified.
  • Graceland continues to transition from traditional mopping products to microfiber mops.
  • All of the paper products purchased (toilet paper and hand towels) are Green Seal Certified.
  • All hand soaps are Green Seal Certified.
  • All trash can liners meet the standards for post-consumer waste (made with resins that contain at least 10 percent post-consumer waste).
  • Graceland uses Green Seal Certified Dilution Control products dispensing systems (reduces likeliness of harsh cleaner ratios, produces less waste and is safer for workers to handle).


In-vessel Composting Project 2020

Student installing a composter
Worker preparing food
Student in the Commons