Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Science Degree, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree*

*Students who choose to pursue the B.A. (Honors), B.S. (Honors), or B.S.N. (Honors) degree should plan to meet the specific requirements of the Honors Program in addition to all other graduation requirements.

Graceland University confers the degree of Bachelor of Arts, the degree of Bachelor of Science, and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The type of degree granted is determined by the choice of major. These baccalaureate degrees are conferred on those students who satisfactorily complete the following requirements:

  1. 124 semester hours (1)
  2. 39 upper division semester hours (3000 and 4000 level courses)
  3. 2.00 grade point average on all work and 2.00 average in major(s)
  4. 30 of the last 60 semester hours taken immediately prior to graduation must be through Graceland University (2)
  5. A recognized major or equivalent
  6. INTD1100 Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts and Sciences 3 s.h. - required for all full-time students entering Graceland with a first time freshmen classification (FF).
  7. Two winter terms for full-time, baccalaureate students starting with less than 24 semester hours (s.h.) and enrolling in semester-based, campus programs. Students with 24-87 s.h. of transfer credit are required to take 1 winter term, and students with 88+ s.h. of transfer credit are required to take no winter terms.
  8. Completion of the prescribed general education program (A) or one of the alternatives (B or C) listed below: (3)


  1. Prescribed general education program (Sample Audit 2009+)

NOTE: No course may meet more than one goal. Some goals may also be met by approved winter terms. Any goal may be met through demonstrated competence rather than coursework.
Demonstrated competence: Other than coursework, there are many ways in which students may demonstrate that they have satisfied the intent of a goal. Common options include internships, portfolios, proficiency exams, work experience, independent studies, performance, and excellent achievement in the area. For more information about demonstrated competence, students should see their advisor.

Goal 1: To become knowledgeable in the natural sciences, history/political science, and the social/behavioral sciences. (12 s.h.)
Can be satisfied through the completion of 12 s.h. in the following areas (with at least 3 s.h. from each area):

  1. Natural Sciences (any Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Science courses)
  2. History/Political Science (any 2000-3000 level History, excluding HIST2400, or 1000-3000 level Political Science courses, except INTD/POLS/GEOG1200, POLS2400)
    (Note: INTD/GEOG/POLS1200 satisfies only goal 4, POLS2200 satisfies only goal 3e, as shown below.)
  3. Social/Behavioral Sciences (any Economics, Psychology, or 1000-2000 level Sociology courses)
    (Note: ECON/GEOG3280, SOCI1350, and PSYC3370 satisfy only goal 4, as shown below.)

Goal 2: To develop an appreciation of the arts and humanities. (6 s.h.)
Can be satisfied through the completion of 6 s.h. in the following areas (with at least 3 s.h. from each area):

  1. Art, Music, Theatre
    (Note: ARTS2300, ARTS2310, and MUSC2350 satisfy only goal 4, as shown below, THTR1240 satisfies only goal 3b, as shown below, and ARTS2400 satisfies only goa1 3e, as shown below.)
  2. Cinema, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, ENGL2220, ENGL2270, ENGL2550, ENGL2560, ENGL2570, INTD2300, or INTD2330
    (Note: For Philosophy and Religion, only courses with the 2b designation satisfy this goal.)

Goal 3: To develop foundational skills, including skills of quantitative analysis, oral and written communication, ethical consciousness and sound values, and healthful living. (21 s.h.)

Can be satisfied through the completion of each of the following:

  1. 6 s.h. in Mathematics (includes any MATH courses)
    (Note: MATH3370 satisfies only goal 4, as shown below.)
  2. 3 s.h. in Speech Communication (includes COMM1200, COMM1230, COMM3310, COMM3330, COMM/PEAC/SOCI3210, and THTR1240)
  3. 3 s.h. in Modern Rhetoric or English Honors (ENGL1410 or 1440)
  4. 3 s.h. in Advanced Composition (includes ENGL3200, 3210, 3220, 3250, 3270, and 3280)
  5. 3 s.h. in Ethics/Values (includes Philosophy and Religion courses with the 3e designation, ARTS2400, BUAD3200, COMM3400, EDUC3100, and POLS/PEAC2200)
  6. 3 s.h. in Health (includes HLTH/PHED1300 and one physical education activity course)

Goal 4: To be knowledgeable and appreciative of human diversity as expressed in cultures other than one’s own. (3 s.h.) (All international students whose first language is not English automatically meet this requirement.)
Can be satisfied through the completion of one of the following:

  1. Any foreign language course, ARTS2300, ARTS2310, COMM/INTD3100, ECON/GEOG3280, HIST1310, HIST1320, INTD/GEOG/POLS1200, INTD3300, MATH3370, MUSC2350, PSYC3370, SOCI1350, or goal 4 designated international experience


  1. Student-initiated general education program
    A student may submit an alternative general education program or request permission to be excused from any or all general education requirements listed under 8.A. above. Proposals and/or petitions must be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office or Registrar's Office and approved by the Deans Council. They should be supported by evidence of breadth of learning roughly equivalent to that represented in the prescribed program 8.A. above.
  2. Alternative general education program (Sample Audit)
    A student transferring to Graceland University, with at least 48 s.h. applicable for transfer, from a regionally accredited 2-year or 4-year college or university with at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA in transferable coursework, must satisfy Graceland University's general education requirements by successfully completing 8 s.h. in each of the following areas: communications (college composition and speech courses), humanities (literature, philosophy, religion, art, music, theatre, and foreign language courses), social sciences, and science/mathematics (to include at least 3 s.h. of college-level mathematics and 3 s.h. of natural science). The transfer student must also meet the following requirement:
    1. Advanced Composition (ENGL3200, 3210, 3220, 3270 or 3280) or two lower division composition courses with a grade of "B" or better in each course - The Registrar's Office will review transfer work to determine which option a student uses. If it is determined that the two course option satisfies the requirement, a waiver of the upper division course will be indicated on the student's academic record. Courses used to waive this requirement may also be used toward the 8 s.h. of Communications.

(1)No more than 8 s.h. of Physical Education courses number 0000-1000, including Personal Fitness Management, may be presented toward the 124 hours required for graduation. No more than 2 s.h. of the 8 s.h. applied toward graduation may be earned through varsity athletics.

Up to 12 s.h. of PHED1700/2700/3700/4700 allowed toward total hours for graduation.

Non-music majors may present no more than 8 s.h. of music ensemble credit toward graduation. Music majors may present 12 s.h. of music ensemble credit.

No more than 8 s.h. of Intensive English as a Second Language (ENSL0960, 0970, 0980, 0990) may be applied toward graduation for students who successfully complete Intensive ESL and subsequently achieve a score of 500 or better on the TOEFL examination.

No more than 12 s.h. may be earned in English as a Second Language (ENSL1470, 1480). Of these, only 6 s.h. may be applied toward graduation.

No more than two developmental courses, number DEVL0000-1990, may be applied toward graduation.

No more than 4 s.h. of Free Market Practicum (BUAD3350) may be counted toward any graduation requirement.

(2)A Graceland student engaged in a formal program of study abroad, whether sponsored by a foreign or domestic institution of higher learning, will be considered "in residence" for a maximum of one academic year if he/she has his/her proposed program of study approved in advance by the Registrar and by the chairperson of the division in which he/she plans to major, and if he/she claims intent to complete a degree at Graceland.

(3)A student holding a B.A., B.S., B.S.N., or a more advanced degree from an accredited institution other than Graceland desiring to qualify for another major and/or degree is considered to have met the intent of the general education program by completion of the earlier degree. Such a candidate would be required to meet the major course and residence requirements only.

NOTE: A student completing two majors at Graceland on two different graduation dates will receive a second degree only if:

  1. he/she has earned at least 24 semester hours that apply to the second major after completion of the first, and
  2. the two majors normally lead to two different degrees (B.A., B.S., B.S.N.)

Otherwise students will receive a single degree with a notation on the transcript that a second major has been earned. If a student is awarded a single degree with two or more majors, the student's declaration of a first major will determine whether the degree awarded will be a B.A., B.S., or B.S.N.

NOTE: Only courses that count toward a major may count toward a minor in that subject area.