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BSN-RN Admissions

It’s not too early to save your place in the traditional BSN-RN program.
Classes start every January and June.

Admissions Requirements

  • 61 hours of required college courses — general education and prerequisite courses;
  • Prerequisite course & GPA requirements;
    • GPA of 2.5 (January) or 2.75 (June) either cumulative or prerequisite
    • a grade of C or above in all prerequisite courses
    • grades of retaken courses will replace the original grade for GPA calculations. However, multiple low grades or withdrawals will also be taken into consideration
  • If you are currently in or have previously attended a nursing program, you will need a letter from that school stating you are currently in good standing or eligible to return to that program. 
    • We do not accept students who have failed out of a nursing program and are not eligible to return.

Application Information


    Graceland School of Nursing helps prepare nursing students to become Registered Nurses through their education during completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Then they take the NCLEX (state licensure exam to become a Registered Nurse) completed after graduation.

    Graceland offers a 24 month track that begins each January and an 18 month track that begins in June of each year. Students do NOT need to have a previous bachelor degree in another area for consideration to our program. Both tracks graduate in December of the following year.



    • Read through all of the information in this Application Packet to verify eligibility
    • Fill out the online application
    • Submit all required documents
      • September 30 is the suggested due date for applications for the January cohort.
      • February 28 is the suggested due date for applications for the June cohort.

      It is strongly recommended that applications are submitted prior to these dates to ensure paperwork is completed in time for the first round of application reviews. Applications submitted after this date will be considered as space permits, and for the respective cohort waitlist.

      Tuition Deposit — Accepted students will pay a $200, non-refundable deposit. This deposit will apply toward their tuition.


    Unofficial Transcripts
    You may submit unofficial transcripts, for a pre-evaluation. This pre-evaluation is completed to help applicants determine if they are eligible for the program. If applicants are currently in courses and meet all other requirements, the unofficial transcript can be used until a final official transcript can be obtained.

    Unofficial Transcripts can be sent to Use the subject line: BSN pre-evaluation

    Official Transcripts

    Submit official transcripts from ALL colleges ever attended. Graceland prefers transcripts be sent electronically, however, paper transcripts will be accepted if received in a sealed envelope from the requested institution. Final official transcripts must be received prior to starting classes.

    Please request official transcripts be sent to:
    Graceland University, 1 University Place, Lamoni, IA 50140




    There are 24 seats available in the January cohort and 51 seats available in the June cohort.

    Applications are reviewed after all documents have been received. The School of Nursing may request an interview or additional documentation from the applicant before making an acceptance decision.

    For applicants who still need courses or are currently taking courses, your application will be reviewed but an acceptance decision may not be made at that time. You will receive communication letting you know what is needed before an official decision is made.



    Once the cohort is filled, accepted students will have the option of being put on the waiting list or moving their application to the next cohort. If a seat in the current cohort opens, candidates will be chosen from that list. Seats are confirmed only when the applicant has been accepted and pays the $200 deposit. All courses needed must be completed prior to the start of classes.



    We have day-time classes that all the junior students attend together. Students should plan on a full time commitment. We encourage students not to work during the first two semesters of nursing school. This gives them a chance to adjust to the challenges of this accelerated nursing program. Later, some students may try to work, but we encourage them to have flexible work hours so there is adequate study time so as not to compromise grades.



    The Graceland Independence Campus is a non-residential campus. Most classes we hold on our campus, close to the Historic Independence Square and Harry S. Truman home. There are older homes with apartments, and various apartment buildings in a wide price range, around the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Living close to the campus could prove beneficial to have a shorted drive time, especially in bad weather.



    Students begin clinical rotations in the fall semester. They will assigned to clinical sites at different hospitals in the Greater Kansas City area, throughout the program.

    Not only are students learning to provide patient care, but they also become familiar with several hospitals. This helps them consider where they want to seek employment when they graduate.

    There are 572.5 clinical hours in the nursing curriculum.


    Students applying to the School of Nursing must have minimum of 61 hours of credit successfully completed before our program begins in June. Additional elective hours may be needed.

    Students must have Cumulative GPA of 2.75 of all college work OR a Prerequisite Course GPA of 2.75.

    Transfer students must meet Communications, Humanities, Social Sciences & Math/Science categories. Students who already have a degree in another major, need ONLY the prerequisite courses.


    • College Algebra* (preferred) or higher level college math course
    • Intro to Statistics*
    • Medical Terminology*
    • Chemistry*
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab*
      Human Anatomy with lab* – can be taken as A & P together AND
      Human Physiology with lab* – can be taken as A & P together
    • Microbiology*
    • Nutrition*

    SOCIAL SCIENCES – 9 semester hours minimum

    • Intro to Psychology*
    • Intro to Sociology* OR Cultural Anthropology*
    • Developmental Psych* (lifespan)

    HUMANITIES – 9 semester hours minimum

    choose from Literature, Philosophy, Music, Art, Religion, Theatre, Foreign Language

    • Intro to Philosophy* OR Ethics*
    • Humanities course
    • Humanities course

    COMMUNICATIONS – 9 semester hours minimum

    • English Composition I – must have grade of A or B**
    • English Composition II – must have grade of A or B**
    • Speech or Communications course – must have grade of A or B**

    Prerequisite courses* must have minimum grade of C, preferably higher.

    **Students with lower English grades will need to retake the course(s) before June start date.

    Introduction to Nursing 3
    Informatics 2
    Health Assessment 4
    Fall Semester
    Pathophysiology 3
    Pharmacology l 3
    Fundamentals of Health Care 4*
    Psychosocial Aspects of Client Care 4*
    Spring Semester
    Adult Health Care I 4*
    Adult Health Care II 4*
    Community Health Care 3.5*
    Evidence Based Practice (EBP) 2
    Pharmacology II 2
    May/June Optional International Experience
    (7-8 week break for students)
    Summer Semester
    Trends and Issues 2
    Care of Mother and Child 4*
    Manager of Patient Care 3*
    Fall Semester
    Critical Care Nursing 4*
    Capstone Practicum 8*

    *Indicates clinical component in course

    Nursing Recognition (Pinning) Ceremony and Graduation occur in December.


    The Test of Essential Academic Skills V (TEAS V) assesses the entry-level academic readiness of nursing program applicants in reading, mathematics, science and English and language. Signing up to take the TEAS Exam is part of completing the application process, even if the actual exam is taken after the application due date.

    We accept a previous TEAS Exam score if taken less than one year prior to the application due date (September 30 of the year before you plan to start the program).  If the overall TEAS exam score is 80% or higher, we will accept an exam taken less than 1 and a half years prior to the application due date.

    For example, if you were applying to start in June of 2021, the application due date was September 30, 2020. Therefore, the TEAS exam must have been taken no earlier than September 30, 2019, OR March 31, 2019, f the overall score is 80% or higher.

    If applying for a later start date, please reach out to Susan Freeze for details about your TEAS test.


    Graceland gives the TEAS proctored exam on selected dates in August, September and January.

    Students register and pay to take the exam on the ATI website The days and times of test dates will be posted on the ATI website. If an exam day is filled, it will not be visible.


    Graceland University, 1401 W. Truman Road
    Independence, MO 64050-3434 * ROOM 221
    Parking is behind building.


    ATI has an Online Store with many product options. There may be TEAS Study guides available at local libraries to prepare for exam.


    All individuals preparing to take the TEAS Test must first create an ATI account. Go to and click “Create an Account” (follow the screen prompts).

    You only need to register once, and you will use the same account.

    Please bring your ATI user name and password with you to the testing location, to login to the exam.


    ​​​​​​​It is the responsibility of each applicant to understand Graceland nursing requirements and verify their own eligibility, before paying to take the exam.

    • Time limit is 209 minutes
    • The test consists of 170 four-option, multiple choice questions

    The TEAS Exam has a drop down calculator in the Math section. Do not bring a calculator. Results are available immediately.


    If you applied directly to Graceland Nursing, there are options to submit your TEAS transcript.

    1. If you took the TEAS at Graceland, we have access to the TEAS transcript for your file.
    2. Access your ATI account and locate the completed exam in vertical format with details for each section.  Email the TEAS transcript to
    3. Ask the school where you took the TEAS to email transcript to
    4. Contact ATI to request the TEAS transcript (there is a charge), emailed to Allow 48 hours after completion of the test.

    If you applied through NursingCAS, upload your TEAS transcript to your account.

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