Graceland University Music Department Performance Protocols Announced

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COVID-19, Press Release

September 25, 2020

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To facilitate guest access to on-campus performance events, the music department has partnered with HomeTown Ticketing to provide online ticketing for the Fall 2020 semester. This will include performances involving the symphonic band, orchestra, chamber singers, concert choir, Graceland Harmonium, percussion ensemble, jazz band, sax quartet, and any additional music department ensembles that participate in any performance with the listed ensembles.

All performances will require an active ticket to attend. Additionally, there will be limited capacity for only specific audience groups, and safety protocols will be enforced. The link to HomeTown Ticketing can be found on the Graceland website on the Shaw Ticket Office page.

In order to minimize the risks and potential exposure of COVID-19 for spectators, student performers and staff, the following protocols will be implemented.

Permitted Attendance Groups

Those who wish to attend fall semester performances will be limited to the restricted capacity for the specific performance venue. Effective Oct. 1, members of the Graceland community, student family members and interested members of the local community will be allowed to attend music performances held on campus. This includes but is not limited to current Graceland University students, faculty and staff, families of Graceland students, alumni, local supporters, as well as donors both from the local community and from elsewhere.

Required Protocol for All Performance Events

  • All performance venues will have two clearly identified checkpoints: one for Graceland students, faculty and staff; another for visitors to campus.
  • All students, faculty and staff are required to present an active ticket, Graceland ID and daily COVID-19 green screening result at the entrance point for each performance for admission. All other attendees must present an active ticket and valid state-issued ID. An adult must accompany minors.
  • Individual health screenings, including a touchless temperature check, will be completed at the designated entrance/checkpoint for all performance events. All attendees should perform a self-screening prior to traveling to campus. If symptoms are present or if an individual has been directly exposed to COVID-19, they must refrain from attending any performances or coming to campus, or they will be asked to immediately leave the facility and the campus. Screening questions are as follows:
    • In the past 14 days, have you been in close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19 (within six feet for more than 15 minutes)?
    • Over the past week, have you experienced any of the following:
      • a temperature of 100.4 F?
      • repetitive shaking or chills?
      • cough?
      • shortness of breath?
      • loss of smell or taste?
      • upset stomach?
      • muscle pain?
      • sore throat?
      • headache?
      • congestion?
  • Well-fitted face masks will be required for both indoor and outdoor events. Bammies/gators will NOT be permitted.
  • Social distancing will be strictly enforced.
  • Family units are permitted to sit together if the performance is outdoors. (A family unit is considered any persons who reside at the same residence.) Attendees must adhere to predesignated seating for indoor performances.
  • There will be no contact with performing students or faculty prior to or after the performance, whether in, on or around Graceland facilities.
  • Everyone in attendance must abide by all facility signage and instructions in relation to COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Facility Capacity & Instructions

Shaw Family Auditorium

  • COVID-19 capacity: 109 (20.96%)
  • All Graceland students, faculty and staff will be required to enter through the north entrance (nearest to the women’s restrooms).
  • All guest attendees (community, alumni, families, etc.) will be required to enter through the south entrance (nearest to the men’s restroom).
  • Ticketing, IDs and screening will be checked at each entrance.
  • Doors will open at 7:10 p.m. for all events beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Shaw Amphitheatre

  • COVID-19 capacity: 150
  • An area of central campus will be roped off to designate seating.
  • All Graceland students, faculty and staff will be required to enter along the north sidewalk (nearest to Newcom Student Union).
  • All guest attendees (community, alumni, families, etc.) will be required to enter along the south sidewalk (nearest to Zimmermann Hall).
  • Ticketing, IDs and screening will be checked at each entrance.
  • Access will open at 7:10 p.m. for all events beginning at 7:30 p.m.
  • Attendees who bring their own seating (lawn chairs, etc.) will be encouraged to sit toward the back, to leave the front area open for those who wish to sit on the ground or in the amphitheatre seating.
  • Visitors to campus will be encouraged to park in the east events parking lot on campus (near the football and soccer fields).

Event Details

Music Department Showcase Concert, Oct. 2

Moved to the Shaw Family Auditorium

150 tickets will be made available for Graceland students, faculty and staff, as well as approved visitor groups (see the permitted attendance groups section above).

First Thursday Performances

Considering the brevity of First Thursday performances, these events will be open only to students, faculty and staff for the fall 2020 semester.

Many of these events will be live streamed and made available at for all other audience groups or those who wish to enjoy the performances from a distance.

These protocols and guidelines are subject to change as the university’s administration and COVID-19 task force continues to evaluate COVID-19 policies and best practices. For more or updated information, follow Graceland University Visual and Performing Arts on Facebook and Twitter, and the music department on Instagram.


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