Interdisciplinary Courses

INTD1000 Transition 1 s.h.
A required course designed to provide additional support to non-native speakers of English and non-North American international students transitioning into university life during their first semester in the USA. This course serves as an extended orientation that will help students integrate into campus life and navigate through cultural adjustment while learning about the USA/State/Local/Graceland cultures and procedures. Course may be taken with instructor consent for students that are not required to take the course.

INTD1010 College Investigations 1 s.h.
The course investigates the impact of economic class on individuals and communities, hidden rules and resources, college orientation, and theories of change. The course is designed to help students use conceptual frameworks to analyze abstract and ill-defined issues, as is expected for educational and work/life success.

INTD1020 Reading and Learning Strategies for College: Pathways to Student Success 2 s.h.
The focus of this course is on the development and application of college-level reading and study skills necessary for college success, personal success strategies, and the use of campus resources that enhance individual student achievement. Because this is a graded course, a student’s efforts will directly impact his or her GPA.

INTD1100 Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts and Sciences 3 s.h.
An interdisciplinary course that introduces students to college-level critical thinking and a thematic approach to Essential Education. Applies the critical-thinking model to big questions, both contemporary and enduring, and serves as the entry point for the Essential Education program. NOTE: Withdrawal from this course is only allowed through student petition. ELO2 Critical Thinking

INTD1200 Introduction to International Studies  (also GEOG/POLS1200) 3 s.h.
An overview of the major disciplines represented in the International Studies major. This course will also offer an introduction to contemporary global concerns through a study of current political, economic, and social issues. Discussion of important global issues will lead to a more critical analysis of news and an awareness of the responsibilities of national and international citizenship. Goal 4

INTD1300 Sexuality: The Human Experience 3 s.h.
Designed to expand students’ awareness of themselves as sexual beings and to examine such topics as anatomy, psychology, behavior, and ethics as they relate to human sexuality in a value-oriented environment.

INTD1900 Topics 1-3 s.h.
Specific courses that may be approved by the division responsible for their implementation, subject to the approval of the Deans Council.

INTD2000 Individual Study 1-3 s.h.

INTD2300 Humanities I: Ways of Seeing 3 s.h.
An interdisciplinary foundation course in the shared and unique approaches to human experience of the visual artist, musician, creative writer, and philosopher. Course content draws freely on major cultural landmarks from each discipline. Goal 2B

INTD3000 Individual Study 1-3 s.h.

+INTD3100 Intercultural Communication (also COMM3100) 3 s.h.
An examination of concepts which have application to communication across cultural boundaries, with emphasis on relating them to effective intercultural communication skills. Goal 4

INTD3200 Exploration of Third World Cultures 3 s.h.
Focus will be on the political, socio-economic, geographical, health, and cultural determinants of life circumstances of people living in third world countries. Literature of specific cultures will be studied for insights into cultural beliefs and behaviors that are at variance with student’s culture. Resource persons with extensive experience in third world countries will be available for class interactions. Preparation requirements for travel abroad will be discussed. Offered in Independence, Missouri.

INTD3900 Topics 1-3 s.h.
Specific courses that may be approved by the division responsible for their implementation, subject to the approval of the Deans Council.

INTD4000 Individual Study 1-3 s.h.

INTD4100 Internship in International Studies 1-3 s.h.
An internship that allows students to work with professionals who are in career areas relating to the field of international studies. The student will play an active role in identifying potential field sponsors. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis). Prerequisite: Instructor’s consent.

INTD4200 Study Abroad Retrospective 1 s.h.
An evaluation and analysis of intercultural experience and its implications within a framework of current theory, concepts, and methods in the field of intercultural communication. This course is designed to immediately follow the International Studies major's residence abroad and must be successfully completed no later than one year from the student's return from study abroad. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.) Prerequisite: INTD3100 and Instructor's consent.

INTD4700 Liberal Studies Capstone 3 s.h.
In this capstone course for the Liberal Studies/General Studies major, the student will write a research paper or create a project that demonstrates an appropriate level of mastery of the learning outcomes identified by student and faculty advisor at the time the application for the major was submitted. (Note: This is a graded course, does not count for general education, and may not be repeated for credit.)

+ Denotes an alternate year course.