Raquel Moreira, PhD

Raquel Moreira, PhD

Associate Professor of Communication

I love communication. As a field of study, communication is increasingly relevant and palpably relatable to students. It is no surprise then that I approach the classroom as a space of constant conversation between my students and me as we explore the field from diverse academic and professional perspectives. My students at Graceland are in fact the best part of my job. Developing relationships with them, becoming familiar with their dreams, aspirations and struggles while witnessing their personal and professional growth is the most rewarding aspect of working at GU.


Raquel MoreiraMost classes I teach involve contemporary issues in communication, such as media and technology, gender and sexuality, as well as race, immigration and cultural difference. As a woman and a Latina immigrant, I am particularly passionate about these topics, and I work hard to prepare my students to engage with these matters in critical and empathetic ways. My teaching is also informed by my research, which investigates the resistive possibilities of embodied politics among poor women of color in my native city, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Studying this topic has allowed me to complete meaningful scholarship in communication studies, and most notably I was lucky to receive the 2018 Organization for Research on Women and Communication’s Feminist Scholar of the Year Award for an article I published in Women’s Studies in Communication in 2017.


Being a cosmopolitan person, what I found to be the most unexpected facet of moving to rural Iowa is how much I do not miss city life. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Isaac, riding our bikes, cooking and walking our dog, Gato. We also enjoy having our friends over and watching beautiful sunsets. In the summer, we usually head south to visit my family in Rio.


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