John Franklin, PhD

Professor of History

John K. Franklin, PhD, teaches all of the United States history courses at Graceland University and holds a BA in English and MA in History from Midwestern State University, and a PhD in History from Texas Christian University. Broadly speaking, he is a historian of the 20th century with a particular interest in the early Cold War period, and his doctoral specialization was the modern United States with an emphasis on diplomacy and foreign relations. He has also studied the history of the early United States, as well as modern East Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  

The research Dr. Franklin has been most recently focused on is U.S. Foreign Relations as it relates to food and developmental aid, which has given Dr. Franklin the opportunity to combine his interests in foreign relations and social justice. 

Outside the office, Dr. Franklin would be content to spend all his free time wandering around in the mountains. That’s not always possible, so he tends to amuse himself by playing guitar in a rock band. Really, it is just bad music played with his friends in the basement, but they play LOUD.  An avid fan of bicycling, you are likely to see him riding around on campus. Dr. Franklin has completed several century rides and has ridden across Iowa during RAGBRAI more than once.

Possessed of a love of travelling, Dr. Franklin has been on trips with Graceland students to England, Wales, France and Italy.

He might also be the only faculty member at Graceland who once worked as a blackjack dealer on a riverboat casino.

Office Location

Briggs Hall, Rm 111

Mail Location

Briggs Hall, Rm 111