Jason Smith, Phd

Jason Smith, Phd

Associate Professor of Mathematics

I teach College Algebra, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Probability, and Linear Algebra at Graceland University. I strive to engage students through use of real-world applications of the mathematics they are studying. I tend to be a very hands-off teacher with the belief that the learning is in the struggle.

I am an active member of the Iowa Mathematical Association of America serving as the Chair in 2017. Outreach programs, most notably the Mathemagical Mystery Tour, where I take Graceland students to do mathemagic with local middle schools are a passion of mine. 

Outside of academia, I am an avid gardener, bee keeper, chicken raiser and pretty solid volleyball player. I have an affinity for travel, having visited all seven continents, most of them several times.

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Resch Science & Technology Hall, Rm 118