Mary Shawgo, PhD

Mary Shawgo, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Mary Shawgo, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry at Graceland University. In 2014, she was awarded Graceland University’s Annual Alumni Board of Directors Excellence in Teaching Award. Dr. Shawgo presented at the American Society of Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Educators in the summer of 2016 about a unique testing technique - oral exams and journal clubs - she utilizes in her classes and again in the summer of 2017 on flipped classrooms.

Her scholarly work includes collaboration with John Kirby, Ph.D., at the University of Iowa Medical Center. They study the predation of a soil bacteria called Myxococcus xanthus that predates (eats) almost all bad bacteria but does not harm humans. Some of Dr. Shawgo’s students at Graceland have worked on this project and presented at Iowa Academy of Science, or have co-authored on their paper. Their paper was recently accepted at Journal of Bacteriology: Müller, S., Strack, S.N., Ryan, S. E., Shawgo, M. E., Walling, A., Chambers, C., Harris, S. L., and Kirby, J. R., The Genetic loci affecting Predation of Bacillus subtilius NCIB3610 by Myxococcus xanthus.

Dr. Shawgo served as Section Vice Chair (2013 – 2014) and Chair (2015 – 2016) of Iowa Academy Cellular, Molecular & Microbiology committee. She is also a content reviewer for the American Society of Microbiology Student Learning Assessments in Microbiology Database.

Outside of work, a favorite hobby of Dr. Shawgo’s is photography. She also enjoys traveling to national parks to hike and take photos of the beautiful landscape and interesting wildlife.

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