Dan Pratt, PhD

Dan Pratt, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

At Graceland since 1999

Daniel Pratt, PhD, is a Professor of Chemistry at Graceland University. His fields of expertise include organic synthesis, analytical chemistry and Instrumental Analysis. As a researcher, he experiments with the synthesis of small molecules and the analysis of soil and energy drinks. 

Professor Pratt received a B.S. from Graceland College and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. He has conducted two postdoctoral studies, one at Iowa State University and the other at the University of Kansas. Additionally, Professor Pratt spent a short stint in industry working for a small pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. 

Professor Pratt strives to cultivate an atmosphere of trust and respect with his students. He does not believe there is a “stupid” question. He does believe that a student should be able to ask a question without feeling intimidated.


“I want my students to think, to question, to be curious and to wonder why.”  


He wants the students to learn that there is no problem so large and complicated that they cannot solve it. The student must learn to dissect a problem into smaller pieces, solve the small problem first, then go on to the larger problem. These are skills which are not only important to become a good scientist, but necessary to successfully survive in today’s work place.   

Professor Pratt enjoys baking, gardening and remodeling his house during the summer, a good science fiction movie and spending time with his family. 

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Resch Science & Technology Hall 108

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Resch Science & Technology Hall 108