Jeremy R. Yenger, EdD

Adjunct Faculty - Social Science

Jeremy R. Yenger, EdD, is adjunct faculty in the social sciences department at Graceland University. He teaches secondary social studies methods to pre-service teachers, a course offered every other school year, usually in the fall.

Dr. Yenger appreciates working with students who are as passionate about the social sciences as he and is inspired by the production of quality teachers who will have a positive impact on the lives of others.

In 2004, Dr. Yenger completed a bachelor of arts degree at Drake University and a master of arts through University of Northern Iowa in 2009. He returned to Drake University to earn a doctorate in 2015. His dissertation was on Returning to School, Returning to Life: The Transformation of Displaced Workers.

When not teaching, Dr. Yenger is taking his two children to various practices or playing the guitar. Regardless of what he is doing, you can always expect to hear some Dave Matthews Band in the background.