Ildo Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor of Communication

BA, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
MA, Korea University
PhD, University of California-Davis

Ildo Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor of Communications at Graceland University, specializes in interpersonal communication. In particular, he is interested in humor in various contexts: humor in interpersonal (friendships, romantic) and organizational (humor at work, humor of the leader) relationships, humor in media (ads, TV shows), humor in political communication and humor in computer-mediated communication (social media).

Professor Kim’s dissertation explores the influence of a bystander in teasing interactions using a unique experimental methodology, which allowed him to observe targets’ realistic reactions to their close friend’s teasing messages. He believes that a sense of humor is important because it helps people cope with various forms of stress - inevitable for the modern population - and can change their view on life.

Observing intercultural similarities and differences is an interest of Professor Kim. He has traveled many countries and has many friends of different nationalities. In his interactions, he finds interesting cultural differences and ventures to apply them to his research. With an Master of Arts in Socio-Cultural Psychology, Professor Kim employs various methodologies and approaches to analyze this research.

Professor Kim is passionate in teaching. He aims to provide students with a lot of opportunities to exchange their diverse ideas. He believes students can digest what they have learned completely when they systematically analyze, criticize and share their knowledge with others. Professor Kim endeavors to make his classes a dynamic intersection among all individuals, rather than a one-way street from a lecture to students.

With a love for travel, Professor Kim and his wife explore every place they can. Globe-trotting earns him a broader view of the world and leaves him refreshed. Professor Kim also enjoys taking photos of his wife, natural landscape, marvelous architectures and the night sky.

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Briggs Hall - Rm# 012

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Briggs Hall