Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

BA, Carleton College
PhD, Northern Illinois University

Tyler Mitchell, PhD, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Graceland University, teaches mathematics because quantitative literacy, critical thinking, abstraction and application are part of a balanced liberal arts diet.

Professor Mitchell’s research interests lie in algebra and combinatorics. Specifically, he studies fusion rings - normalized table algebras which are connected to association schemes and characters of finite groups. Math contests, puzzles and games are an additional interest of his.

Student encouragement in mathematical curiosity is something Professor Mitchell strives to employ.

“Have you ever thought about UPCs or ISBNs? Ever found yourself staring at the numbers below a barcode on a shampoo bottle or a new textbook, wondering why we use twelve-digit codes? Or is it thirteen? I certainly haven't. No-sir-ee.”

Professor Mitchell received a B.A. from Carleton College and a Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University.

Office Location

Resch Science and Technology Hall

Mail Location

Resch Science and Technology Hall - Rm# 122