School of Education Faculty

Lee Bash, PhD

Dean, Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education

There is something incredibly exciting and powerful about being a part of a large jazz ensemble when it’s playing really well! It’s like harnessing a lightning bolt!...

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Tanya Coffelt, EdD

Associate Professor of Education

Michele Dickey-Kotz, EdD

Professor of Education

Michele Dickey-Kotz, Ph.D., Professor of Education, is a passionate teacher driven by the belief that it is her responsibility to promote, provoke, or inspire those around her t...

Allison Dudley, EdD

Associate Professor of Education

My passion is reading, both teaching courses about reading at Graceland University’s Independence Campus and spending time reading for my own pleasure and knowledge. All o...

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Jane Hall Chaillie, EdD

Assistant Professor of Education

As Assistant Professor of Education at Graceland University, I have two goals each day. The first is to fuel our students’ desire to make a difference through the teaching...

Debbi Leialoha PhD

Professor of Education/Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Debbi Leialoha, Ph.D., is Professor of Education, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Graceland University. She holds a B.S. in Special Education/Elementary Education from Sou...

Shelly Leialoha-Hartstack, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

Shelly Leialoha-Hartstack, PhD, began her teaching career in adjudicated facilities working with teenage boys and girls. A natural progression for Dr. Leialoha-Hartstack transit...

Dennis McElroy PhD

Professor of Education

Dennis McElroy, PhD, is a Professor of Education. His passion is the lives that he touches on a daily basis. Sometimes, this is during the interaction he has with students at Gr...