Sport Management

This popular major offered within the C.H. Sandage School of Business helps prepare students for a career in the growing $300 billion sports industry. The curriculum is rooted in the solid business fundamentals of economics, marketing and management and is supplemented by coursework in legal and ethical issues in sports, psychology of sports and communications. Students are also given the opportunity to focus their studies in either sport administration or sport marketing with additional classes in these areas. Near the end of their program, students will apply material learned in their previous courses during a senior seminar and an internship experience.

Graceland’s geographic location between Des Moines and Kansas City gives students access to a multitude of internship opportunities at various professional sports organizations and events. These include major league organizations such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC, several minor league organizations such as the Iowa Cubs, Des Moines Menace and Missouri Mavericks, and sporting venues and events such as the Newton Iowa Speedway, Hy-Vee Triathlon and Principal Charity Classic. The internship is both a valuable learning experience and an opportunity to network within the industry.

This well-rounded major incorporates the specializations of seven different faculty members who are committed to preparing their graduates to become successful and ethical leaders in this exciting field!

BA Degree - Sport Management Major

In addition to the essential education requirements, majors in Sport Management must complete 42 s.h. in Sport Management, Business, Economics, Accounting, Physical Education, and Recreation including:

Choose two courses from one of the following areas (6 total s.h.):

Sport Marketing/Sport Information: BUAD3330 Principles of Marketing, BUAD4430 Marketing Strategies, COMM2500/ENGL2500 Introduction to Mass Media, COMM3140 Campaigns and Theories of Persuasion, ENGL3100 Discourse III.

Sport Administration: ECON1300 Principles of Macroeconomics, ACCT2320 Managerial Accounting, BUAD3450 Organizational Behavior, BUAD3490 Human Resource Management, BUAD3460 Operations Management, HMSC4320 Organization & Administration of Health, PE, and Athletics.


Sport Management Minor

A minor in Sport Management consists of 18 semester hours from the following courses:

  • ACCT2310 Financial Accounting 3 s.h.
  • ECON1320 Principles of Microeconomics 3 s.h.
  • ECON3220 Economics of Sports 3 s.h.
  • SPMT1200 Introduction to Sport Management 3 s.h.

Any two of the following:

  • RECR3350 Sport Facility Management 3 s.h.
  • SPMT2300 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport Management 3 s.h.
  • SPMT3300 Sport Marketing 3 s.h.
  • SPMT3400 Event Management 3 s.h.

Courses in Sport Management

SPMT1200 Introduction to Sport Management 3 s.h.
An introduction to the field of sport management, including history of sport, leadership, management process, marketing and communication, and legal and ethical aspects in non-profit and for profit organizations.

SPMT2300 Legal and Ethical Issues in Sports 3 s.h.
A study of the laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics related to sports at all levels. A variety of viewpoints, including financial, regulatory, and societal will be explored.

SPMT3300 Sport Marketing 3 s.h.
An analysis of the field of marketing from a sports perspective with focus on the elements of and development of a marketing plan. Prerequisite: ECON1320.

SPMT3400 Event Management 3 s.h.
Application and study of the management process to hosting and organizing elite, recreation, and mass sporting events. Includes investigation of social, financial, and environmental factors involved in the process. Prerequisite: BUAD3320

SPMT4500 Seminar in Sport Management 3 s.h.
A series of discussions of current topics in the field of sport management. Each participant is required to prepare a presentation on a specific topic under direction of the instructor and share in conducting discussions. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing.

SPMT4700 Internship in Sport Management 1-3 s.h.
An internship that allows students to work with professionals who are in career areas relating to the field of sport management. The student will play an active role in identifying potential field sponsors. Repeatable to a maximum of 12 hours. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.) Prerequisite: Instructor’s consent.