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Graceland’s Scholars Showcase Another Success


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April 28, 2014

Graceland's Scholars Showcase Another Success

Graceland University held its annual Scholars’ Showcase Wednesday, April 16, hosting a variety of oral presentations in Shaw Center and a multitude of poster presentations in Resch Science and Technology Hall.

The subjects of the oral presentations included the latest exploits and projects of the Graceland University Enactus Team, such as their interaction with local businesses to increase financial stability and business growth, their partnership with Outreach International and their recent winter term experiences in Nicaragua. Other discussions ranged from a talk about the minds of serial killers by Rebekah Lloyd, to a yoga demonstration by GU’s winter term yoga class.

Posters lined the walls of Resch Hall; their creators eager to explain their research. The posters arrayed topics from psychology, chemistry, athletic performance, history, health and economics. Among them was a timeline of the mental health system by Nick Peary, an analysis of National Hockey League salaries by Alex Froloff, a comprehensive look at beliefs of the criminal justice system by Michael Cox, and many others.

Students interested in participating in future Scholars’ Showcases can find out more by talking to their professors. There are many academic sponsors of this event who encourage and help students prepare to be a part of this growing trend. The Scholars’ Showcase is held every April, and presentations are held throughout the day in Shaw Center, Resch Hall and the Helene Center for the Visual Arts. Applications are available in the division offices and are generally due in March before the showcase. Among acceptable submissions are artwork, musical pieces and monologues.

Among the faculty who promote the Scholars’ Showcase is Graceland University Professor of Psychology Dr. Dave Devonis. Devonis commented, “Scholars’ Showcase has had a good five year run so far, and is an extremely valuable year-end celebration. This is because it is designed to attract those students who demonstrate superior ambition and staying power, since the stakes are high. In my opinion, it is one of the best things GU does.”

Graceland has been holding this event annually since 2009. Graceland University Professor of Chemistry Dr. Dan Pratt, one of the original founders of this event, commented that the original intent “was to incorporate undergraduate research back into the curriculum. This led to the formation of our Scholars’ Showcase, which highlights our students’ creative, scholarly and artistic work.” “To me, the importance of Graceland University’s Scholars’ Showcase comes down to providing an opportunity to show off who we are academically.”

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