SPEC 2019 - At Graceland University's Lamoni Campus

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When is SPEC 2019?

July 20 - 27 

SPECTACULAR theme: “Belong”

What is SPEC?

The mission of SPECTACULAR is to create a safe, Christ-centered community that encourages young women and men to discover God, their inherent worth, and cultivate and express their giftedness. During SPECTACULAR, approximately 1,100 campers and their leaders gather at Graceland University for the largest annual gathering of youth in Community of Christ.

All campers will have opportunities to participate in leadership and discipleship development, diverse worship, and expression of arts, music and sports.

During the week, campers can look forward to sharing in all avenues of the SPEC experience:  service projects, communication workshops, basketball, musical instruction, table tennis, stage production, worship, delegation devotions, volleyball, tie-dying, cotton candy, discussions about dating and relationships, learning more about our Creator, soccer and much, much more.

SPECTACULAR is sponsored by Community of Christ and is hosted at Graceland University.

SPEC Scholarships

Graceland offers scholarship opportunities to those who attend SPEC. To find out more click on the links below, or call your admissions counselor.

APPLY TODAY - You need to submit an application to Graceland to be eligible for all of these scholarships!