Summer Rep Program

Mission Statement

The Graceland Representative program supports the mission of both Graceland University and Community of Christ. We are committed to the values of Community of Christ camping programs which include:

  • Creating Intentional relationships
  • Building Inclusive communities
  • Spiritual growth and development
  • Empowering others to discover their calling
  • Helping others find a strong sense of belonging

Ultimately, your Graceland representative will be a contributing member and an integral part of your camping experience.

Camp Registry

Welcome to Graceland's Community of Christ Camp Registry!

We are excited to offer this updated format for your camp information. Feel free to browse our website, and make sure you read our FAQs and mission statement. This will be a great summer for camps and reunions and we look forward to working with you.

To register a camp, complete the registration form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Graceland Representative?
A Graceland Representative is an active leader both academically and socially. These individuals are excellent students who fill almost every role on campus, and represent everything that Graceland University stands for. They have demonstrated excellent personal character and judgment and they have proven themselves to be versatile leaders who will be able to adjust to the demands of being placed in a new and challenging environment each week. They have gone through extensive training that qualifies them to work with children and youth, as well as represent Graceland and be informative about the university. All Graceland Representatives are 21 years of age at the time of their service, have strong personal references, have completed the church Youth Worker Registration training, and have been cleared through a criminal history background check.

What are reasonable expectations of the Graceland Representatives?
Graceland Representatives have many varied skills to offer to camps, reunions and retreats and it is expected that they will be active and contributing members of the camp staff. While they can provide many kinds of services, it is most effective if they are provided the opportunity to work with the Sr. High youth. You will be given their contact information once their schedules are set for the summer, and we encourage communication to help establish how to best utilize the skills that each individual possesses for your event. It is expected that they are treated like a guest minister for the week, as they are also bringing a presence of ministry with them.

What does Graceland pay for?
Graceland covers the representatives' travel costs between camps, including airfare. Graceland Representatives are on salary. They are covered by Graceland's insurance while they travel.

What costs does the camp/reunion pay for?
You will only have to provide transportation to and from the closest major airport and cover the representative's expenses at the camp/reunion (meals, camp costs, wifi connectivity and any extra insurance).

What is a Graceland Presentation?
It is expected that Representatives will be provided a time slot at each camping event to make a presentation of general information about Graceland. Significant training is provided for these presentations but the specific format of the presentation is up to the discretion of the representative. In addition to activities such as showing a short video or doing a PowerPoint presentation, the representative will collect information from campers and may provide T-shirts or other Graceland give-away promotional materials as part of their presentation.

If I request a Graceland Representative, is it guaranteed that one will come to my camp/reunion?
Because there are more summer camps/reunions than Graceland Representatives, not all requests for a Graceland Representative can be filled. Representatives are first assigned to Senior High Camps, then Reunions and then Junior High Camps. This is done because of the intended audience for the Graceland information. If a Summer Rep cannot be provided, efforts will be made to find other "volunteers" such as members of Graceland's staff and faculty or alumni who would be willing to assist with the event.

Is it possible to request more than one Graceland Representative?
It is beneficial for Graceland to send more than one representative to larger camps. Subject to availability.

Why might a Graceland Representative have to arrive late or leave early at a camp/reunion?
The Graceland Representative program attempts to send as many representatives to as many camping events as possible within the limits of the resources of the program. While it is understood that it is not ideal, because of the complexities of travel arrangements and the significantly varied schedules of camping events, there are times when a Summer Rep may be required to either leave somewhat early or arrive somewhat late to an event. It is important that communications be maintained between the Representative and the Camp Director to assure that these situations cause as little disruption to the camping event as possible.

When will I be notified about my Representative?
While some requests continue to arrive throughout the spring months, the general assignment of Representatives is made during the spring after requests received and notifications are made to camp directors as those assignments are completed. As always, feel free to send an email or call if you want to check on the status of your request or ask a question.

How can I reach Graceland in case of emergency?
During working hours (8 a.m to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday) call 866.472.2352 (866.GRACELAND). During off hours, contact Deb Skinner 641.784.5110 at