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Sting Lost & Found

It was a hot summer day when STING MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED from the Lamoni campus.

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April 18, 2022 | Georgia Seagraves

The shiny mascot statue was last seen by the Morden Center construction team, but no one could quite remember where it was moved. Some thought it was stored in Hampton Center or hidden in a supply closet, but in the months leading up to Homecoming 2021, the community concern over the lost Sting statue began to increase. The people of Lamoni took to the internet to raise awareness about Sting’s whereabouts in hopes of bringing it back to its home in Morden Center. From students direct messaging Caitlin Jenner ’73 on Twitter to missing person signs posted throughout Lamoni, the entire community kept a watchful eye out for Sting.

The academic year started, still no Sting. The first football game brought some jubilation as a sideline celebrator in a Sting costume shook pom poms and cheered on the Yellowjackets, but it just wasn’t the same. The weather began to turn and as October rolled around, Sting was still on the lam, and the rumor mill ran wild as everyone created their own theories as to where Sting could be. Graceland Student Government added Sting to the student scavenger hunt as the “golden ticket” item in hopes that it may turn up in this lighthearted competition.

Still, Sting’s buzz was absent from campus. Until early in the morning on October 22, 2021, when Sting was found soaking up the sun by Big G Lake.

While what exactly happened is still a mystery, it is believed that Sting’s great escape was aided by legendary Gracelander Rod Dixen ’70.* Traveling across the United States, from the Rocky Mountains to the beautiful beaches of Florida, Sting and Dixon had the summer of a lifetime (or so the theory goes).

The iconic Sting can now be seen in its rightful place, holding up the United States flag overlooking the center court of Morden Center. Welcome home, Sting.

I’ve asked Sting where he went, who he was with, and what he did during his absence. Unfortunately, he’s not saying a word. All Sting does is smile, so I’m assuming wherever he was, it must have been fun.

Dave Schaal, EdD, ’80 Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

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