Incoming Lamoni Campus Graceland students for Fall 2023 –

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University News - Spring 22

Over the past year, President Draves promoted key leaders to serve in pivotal advisory roles as members of her Executive Council.

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A New Generation of Graceland Leaders

April 27, 2022

Each of them brings a unique skill set to their leadership role, but they are united in their commitment to furthering the mission of Graceland: to create learning environments where students develop their potential for meaningful and productive lives. They know...

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Only the Tough

April 27, 2022

His philosophy: Only the Tough. Creating a winning team isn’t for the faint of heart and Coach Ross is recruiting young men from across the country who are ready for the challenge. Ross orchestrated one of the best turnarounds in...

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April 27, 2022

Our alumni and friends know that our Lamoni campus is a beautiful and tranquil place – full of lush green grass and beautiful trees, winding walkways and gorgeous sunsets. There is nothing quite like visiting campus, but more and more...

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The Buzz

April 14, 2022

Book Club Associate Professor of English Cat Clifford started the GRACELAND BOOK CLUB in 2017 because she wanted to read 1984 by George Orwell and she wasn’t alone. Soon she had a group of students and faculty who gathered to...

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