Distinguished Service Award

2021 Honoree:

Brent Ruoff ’77

Decoration Graphic

Dr. Brent Ruoff first started thinking about the world of medicine and critical care after a serious bout with apendicitus while a camper at church reunion. Now, reflecting on 42 years as a hospital administrator and ER doc with Washington University School of Medicine, Ruoff knows exactly what he’s most proud of: mentoring young doctors and other career medical professionals with a holistic approach to taking care of sick people.

Ruoff, graduated in just three years, summa-cum laude from Graceland in 1977. A chemistry major and star player on the Yellowjacket tennis team. He only regrets not attending Graceland a fourth year missing out on making more friends before venturing to med school at the St. Louis University School of Medicine.

Brent made up for lost time on “the Hill” by volunteering a week each summer for the past 24 years heading up the SPECTACULAR infirmary team. All those years ago he saw the need and stepped up to the plate. Ruoff fell in love with SPEC in 1973 and hasn’t missed many since.

Dr. Ruoff had to be talked into accepting the Distinguished Service Award, recognition and being in the spotlight are things he can do without. However, his lifetime of service deserved recognition and we can thank his wife Kim for convincing him to accept!