Award of Recognition

2021 Honoree:

Ron Gillilan

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Ron GillilanDr. Ron Gillilan just turned 87, and has been working in the medical field for 5o years.

Growing up in rural Ohio, this bright high school student with stellar grades had no money to even think about college. As fate would have it, a local farmer volunteered to foot the bill for his education but made him promise to return the favor for someone else down the road.

Ron and wife Carol have lived up to that commitment by helping med school students land residency’s and fellowships. They have also hosted a number of Graceland students and connecting them with summer internships at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

It’s at St. Agnes where Gillilan pioneered an observational study that linked a belief in a higher power with successful rehab after major heart surgery. Ron is a cardiologist and an Evangelist in Community of Christ and he looks forward to the results of his study being published soon. As the backup Medical Director of Preventative Cardiology, Gillilan has already been schooling young “Docs” as he likes to call them on a better bedside manner.

Dr. Gillilan recently wrapped up 12 years serving on the Graceland Board of Trustees. He says he will always cherish the opportunity to help guide Graceland.