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Wallace B. Smith Leadership, Arts and Sports Grant Application

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Please list academic awards honors and awards, AP courses, major research papers or presentations or other academic achievements from your high school years. In 3-4 sentences, select one of the items listed of which you are proud. What did you accomplish in doing it and what did you learn? Aside from the knowledge or skills you learned, share with us why the experience was significant. How did the experience make you grow?
Graceland encourages students to grow not just through their academic studies but through participation in campus activities and individual interests. Wholeness involves developing social skills, taking care of one’s health and mental outlook, exploring one’s spiritual values, and demonstrating a curiosity in the world around you. List the clubs, organizations, or volunteer activities, you have participated in and give you a feeling of satisfaction. Select one item from the list above. In 3-4 sentences, explain why you participate in it and how it helps you become a well-rounded individual.
Graceland’s motto is “the Power of Together.” At Graceland, “you belong just because you are here,” and lifelong friendships develop. The university encourages students to find ways to connect with each other, the campus, and beyond to make the world a better place. List projects or organizations you have participated in that have made your school, church, neighborhood, community or world a better place. Select one of those activities. In 3-4 sentences, what was your role, what did you accomplish, and how did it promote a stronger sense of community?
Each college or university has its own personality and its particular strengths. List 3-4 distinguishing characteristics you are looking for in the college you will attend. What would encourage you to apply? What would discourage you from applying to a particular college?
Choose something unique about yourself. What would you want the selection committee to know about you that might not have been covered in the previous questions?
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