Graceland University Faculty

Justin Akers, MS

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Paul Binnicker, MBA

Director Center Graduate Studies, Adjunct Faculty - Business Administration

Jeff McElroy, EdD

Dean - C.H. Sandage School of Business, Associate Professor of Business Administration, Sam Walton Fellow

Donovan Nelson, EdD

Assistant Professor of Sport Management

Max Pitt, MBA

Associate Professor of Business

Brandi Shay, MBA

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Anthony Chvala-Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology and Scripture, Paul E. Morden Seminary Chair of Religion

Charmaine Chvala-Smith

Seminary Chaplain, Focus Session Coordinator

Zac Harmon-McLaughlin, DMin-c

Director and faculty member of the Community of Christ Seminary

Barbara Walden, MA

Faculty Associate - Community of Christ Seminary

Sharon Ward

Admissions, Administrative Assistant to the Dean - Seminary

Samantha Byrnes, RN, BSN

Clinical Adjunct - School of Nursing

Urmila Harold, DNP, MSN, RN

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Melanie Hijaz

Assistant Clinical Professor

Kathleen Lenz

Clinical Instructor of Nursing - Graduate

Kathleen Mammen, MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

MaryAnn Martin, DNP, FNP, MBA

Assistant Professor School of Nursing, DNP Program Coordinator

Angela Martinez-Mills, MSN

Clinical Instructor of Nursing

Lydia Mejia-Johnson, DNP, RN, CHFP

Assistant Teaching Professor - School of Nursing

Wilai Rojjanasrirat, PhD, RN, IBCLC

Professor of Nursing, Director of Research and Scholarship

Susan Vogelsmeier, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP-BC

Associate Professor of Nursing and FNP Program Coordinator

Diane Weinreich, MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor, Graduate Nursing

John Wood, MSN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Ravil "Bo" Atlas, MM

Adjunct Instructor of Low Brass

Sara Blessing, MM

Director of Choral/Vocal Activities, Instructor of Music

Christopher Brandt, DMA

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Bands

Steve Charlson, BA

Adjunct Instructor of Bass

Jack Ergo, MM

Piano/Harpsichord Orchestral Studies, Associate Professor of Music

Karen Gergely, MFA

Division Chair - Visual & Performing Arts, Assistant Professor of Art, Art Department Coordinator

Melinda Leoce, MM

Instructor of Percussion and Director of Athletic Bands, Music Department Coordinator

Kimberly Manuel, MFA

Assistant Professor of Theatre and Scene Design

Tracy Salter, MFA

Coordinator - Theatre Department, Associate Professor of Theatre

Jacob Zimmerman

Adjunct Faculty - Art Instructor

Bryan Gatzke, MS, CSCS, PES, CES

Division Chair, Assistant Professor of Health and Movement Science

Cory Hoff, MA

Head Men's Basketball Coach, Adjunct Faculty - Sport Management

Stew McDole, ReD

Professor of Physical Education

Donovan Nelson, EdD

Assistant Professor of Sport Management

Phyllis O'Daniels, PhD

Adjunct Faculty - Division of Health and Movement Science and Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education

Jessica Wallace, MA, ATC, LAT

Health and Movement Science Major Program Director Faculty

Anthony Chvala-Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology and Scripture, Paul E. Morden Seminary Chair of Religion

Meghan Hurley Powell, PhD

Adjunct Instructor of English

Ildo Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor of Communication

Raquel Moreira, PhD

Associate Professor of Communication

Dan Platt, PhD

Assistant Professor of English

Roger Powell, PhD

Writing and Tutoring Center Director

Isaac Pressnell, MFA

Division Chair, Associate Professor of English

Kevin Brunner, PhD

Division Chair - Science & Math, Professor of Information Technology

Paul Johnson, PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Tyler Mitchell, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Kyung Eun Park, DSc

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology

Mary Shawgo, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Jason Smith, Phd

Associate Professor of Mathematics