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Nicole joined the Graceland University team in 2022. 

Here are some “fun facts” about Nicole.

Education: Attended Harrisonville High School and graduated in 2004

  • Attended Graceland University and graduated with a K-12 Physical Education and Health degree with an Iowa Coaching Endorsement
  • Earned her Master of Education-Technology and Learning degree in 2020 from Western Governors University in 2020
  • Married to Edson and they have two sons, Alessandro (11) and Oliver (8)

Favorite hobbies? Coaching soccer, reading, running, and being a soccer mom taxi

The most adventurous thing she’s done? Bungee jumping!

Favorite vacation spot? The mountains

Worst moment as a student? Almost getting kicked out of the university for forgetting her works cited page on a paper

Favorite tv/streaming show? Friends

Pets: 2 pit bulls (Chelsea and Zeus), 2 cats (Brown and Cootie)

If Nicole was a dog breed, she would be… A Golden Retriever because everyone likes them, and they are always so happy

A current trend she “just doesn’t understand” Tik Tok dances

One piece of advice she would share with her younger self: Travel as much as you can and take advantage of every single moment with those you love

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