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Learning Outcome Two: Critical Thinking
Students will be able to make decisions, draw conclusions, and advocate positions through open-minded inquiry. Students will incorporate a process that includes examining diverse and appropriate information from multiple sources, evaluating alternative arguments, and identifying and assessing assumptions that may frame the student’s thinking.

  • INTD1100 Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts and Science (3 s.h.)
  • This outcome also will be fulfilled by an emphasis on critical thinking across the curriculum with course-embedded assessments.

Approved course for this outcome:

INTD1100 Critical Thinking in the Liberal Arts and Sciences 3 s.h.
An interdisciplinary course that introduces students to college-level critical thinking and a thematic approach to Essential Education. Applies the critical-thinking model to big questions, both contemporary and enduring, and serves as the entry point for the Essential Education program. NOTE: Withdrawal from this course is only allowed through student petition. ELO2 Critical Thinking