July 13-20, 2024

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Graceland University is thrilled to host Spectacular 2024 on our Lamoni campus!

SPEC is an experience like no other! There are so many opportunities to make connections and lasting friendships throughout the week. Along with healthy competition of team and individual sports, a variety of classes and worship services are planned.

Make plans to “BE” here and join us July 13-20 for an incredible SPEC ’24.

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The mission of SPECTACULAR is to create a safe, Christ-centered community that encourages young women and men to discover God, their inherent worth, and cultivate and express their giftedness.

During SPECTACULAR hundreds of campers and their leaders gather at Graceland University for the largest annual gathering of youth in Community of Christ.

All campers will have opportunities to participate in leadership and  discipleship development, diverse worship, and expression of arts, music, and sports.

During the week campers can look forward to sharing in all avenues of the SPEC  experience – service projects, communication   workshops, basketball, musical  instruction, table tennis, stage production, worship, delegation devotions, volleyball, tie-dying, cotton candy, discussions about dating and relationships, learning more   about our Creator, soccer, and much, much more.

SPECTACULAR is sponsored by Community of Christ and is hosted at Graceland University.


The SPECTACULAR experience is a unique blend of arts, leadership, sports and worship

Worship experiences are camper-led and happen each day! A daily class is held for campers who want to be involved in the planning and production of those experiences.  We are always looking for musicians, vocalists, dancers, actors, writers, and assorted helpers to join the fun.

SPEC Today
SPEC Today classes give campers the chance to explore and deepen their understanding of the daily theme or focus through Scripture, small group discussions, games, music, spiritual practices, videos and more.

A super-wide variety of adventures in leadership development, art, crafts, music, theatre, movies, theology, cooking, books, and much more are available in two sessions each day.

One of the longest-running areas of the SPECTACULAR program, campers can participate at varying skill levels in team and individual sports like volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, raquetball, table tennis, wrestling, track, swimming, and quiz bowl.

Each year SPEC Presents produces a full-scale theatre or musical show complete with costumes and sets. Auditions are held and rehearsals happen during Adventure time each day. Another opportunity to showcase the unique talent of our campers is Extravaganza!

Each year several artists, entertainers, and inspirational speakers are invited to join us for the week and share their gifts with SPECTACULAR.

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Wallace B. Smith Scholarship

Affectionately known as “the Wally B,” Wallace B. Smith Scholarships are exclusively awarded annually at Spectacular by Graceland each summer. The scholarships aim to support and encourage young leaders within the Community of Christ.

Two full-tuition scholarships and four half-tuition scholarships – all are renewable for four years – will be awarded.

These scholarships are only available to students entering their senior year in high school who attend Spectacular.

Winners will be announced the first week on July 19 at the Friday Morning Celebration.



  1. Complete the Wallace B. Smith Scholarship application and include a picture of yourself.
  2. Submit your Graceland University Application for Admission.
  3. Have your high school send your sixth semester transcript (high school transcript request form).
  4. Submit all materials by 1 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16.
  5. Attend interview on Thursday, July 18, sign-up at the Admissions Office.


Each semester, participants receiving the scholarship will be expected to enroll in RELG 1700 or RELG3700 Missional Ministry and Leadership Practicum. This is a one credit-hour commitment, Sundays at 6:30 p.m..

The practicum will focus on the key components of Community of Christ identity, mission, message and beliefs as expressed in Sharing in Community of Christ and other key resources. The focus will be on the church’s mission initiatives, enduring principles, sacraments, theology, and scripture. There will be an emphasis put on new expressions of what it means to be a disciple in Community of Christ in the context of their lives in the world.

For more information about the practicum, please contact Mike Hoffman, Campus Minister, at mhoffman@graceland.edu or 641.784.5466.

Upload, mail, email or fax all application materials to:

Admissions Office, Graceland University, 1 University Place, Lamoni, IA 50140, admissions@graceland.edu, 641.784.5480

Questions? Please contact the Admissions Office at: 866.472.2352 (866.GRACELAND) or 641.784.5136.

REMINDER: All materials must be in by 1 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16.

Wallace B. Smith Scholarship Application

InSpire Scholarships

Graceland also offers the InSpire Scholarship for incoming Freshman and transfer students who have a passion for serving God and their community. InSpire scholarships range from $3-7,000. Scholarships are renewable for four years if the student fulfills participation requirements.

Students are selected for this scholarship by Mike Hoffman, Campus Minister. Students who are interested should reach out to Mike by email at mhoffman@graceland.edu.

More details are available here.

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SPECTACULAR is an intentional sacred community that values:

God With Us—

We believe in God’s desire to be present in each person’s life. Through the model of Jesus’ life and ministry, SPECTACULAR offers relevant, authentic, grace-filled dialogue and experiences that transform lives.


We value healthy, honest relationships. SPECTACULAR creates opportunities to make and nurture long-lasting friendships with each other, with staff, and with God.

Worth of All People (diversity)—

We uphold the uniqueness of each individual and embrace each one’s giftedness. SPECTACULAR seeks to break down the walls that separate and see each other through the loving, open-minded eyes of Jesus.

Growth & Risk—

We value the chance to grow and change and try new things. SPECTACULAR is a safe place where choices to intentionally step out of a comfort zone can lead to life-changing personal and spiritual growth.

A Safe Place—

We believe in an open place that is welcoming and non-judgemental; a place where people are free to make discoveries and mistakes; a place feels secure and at peace. SPECTACULAR is that place…it is called sanctuary.


We uphold the life-giving assurance of God’s love. SPECTACULAR seeks to affirm that love through opportunities that offer blessing as well as opportunities to accept blessing from others.