Dennis McElroy, PhD

Professor of Education

Dennis McElroy, PhD, is a Professor of Education. His passion is the lives that he touches on a daily basis. Sometimes, this is during the interaction he has with students at Graceland University. Other times, those lives belong to people he has never met. They are the students of Graceland graduates. Those graduates have become teachers, and Dr. McElroy hopes he has somehow influenced their beliefs and practices in some way that now influences their students.

Years ago, as a high school teacher, Dr. McElroy set a career goal for himself to “have a positive influence on as many students as I can.” Helping to prepare students to become teachers is the consummate method to do that. As Henry Adams stated, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” This fuels his passion to teach.

In addition to his teaching, Dr. McElroy feels fortunate to be the Director of Technology for the Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education. He has poured his knowledge and efforts into creating and providing an amazing educational experience for his students that includes the myriad of ways technology is used in the educational process. In 2014, this culminated in seeing a dream come true…the GUniverse initiative. GUniverse is about inspiration. Creativity. Innovation. It is the merging of technology, pedagogy and knowledge to create engaging educational experiences; experiences that help prepare students to be amazing teachers.

As much as he loves teaching, Dr. McElroy also loves music. Whenever he can, he spends his time playing bass in a variety of musical ensembles. Dr. McElroy has a wonderfully eclectic taste in music and enjoys playing rock, blues, jazz, country and ragtime. He spends time in the recording studio and has been a part of several recordings by Grand River Crossing, Terre Haute, the JB Morrison Band and others. A couple years ago, he began dabbling in production, and his first CD, “A Thousand Reasons to Smile” was a compilation of music from local artists with all proceeds going to support a family whose daughter eventually succumbed to cancer.

For Dr. McElroy, music is the language of love, but teaching is the love of others.  It has been said that music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.  But for Dr. McElroy, “Teaching allows us to explore the universe and stretch the wings of our minds so that our imagination can dare to take flight and experience life.”

Office Location

Zimmermann Hall