Brian J. White, PhD

Brian J. White, PhD

Dean, Humanities and Visual & Performing Arts

Brian WhiteAt Graceland since 2004

I teach literature, film, cultural studies and critical theory, and writing courses.  Introducing students to the intellectual means by which “a ha” moments regularly occur is what most excites me.  I have studied, and have degrees in, Theatre, British and Commonwealth studies, and English.  But mostly, I’m a “thought experiment” type of teacher and thinker.

When I’m not teaching or engaged in administrative work, I build furniture, roast coffee, and spend much of my free time in the Rocky Mountains mountain biking every day, backpacking in the wilderness, and fly fishing.

For the last few years, I’ve co-led experiential educational seminars for the National Collegiate Honors Council in national parks (I’ve co-led trips to Sequoia National Park, Glacier National Park, and Great Basin National Park).  These experiences bring together my interest with the outdoors and my teaching and academic pursuits.  You can find information about upcoming seminars here.

Oh, and I wish I was better at ultimate Frisbee than I actually am.

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