Chief Marketing Officer

Shane Adams, BA

Chief Marketing Officer


BA, Communications: English, Graceland University

Phone Number

Office: 816.423.4703

Chief Marketing Officer

Shane Adams’ legacy with Graceland dates back three generations. As a student, Shane was a member of Orion House and the Graceland Student Senate and played volleyball. He majored in Communications:English with a minor in Business Administration.

After Graceland, he spent two decades working in corporate marketing roles in a variety of industries, including software, healthcare, and financial services and helped establish social media as a marketing tool for Fortune 1000 companies like Cerner, AMC Theatres, and Chipotle.

When he returned to Graceland in 2018, he immediately began work on modernizing the marketing tool kit, completing an overhaul of and helping to better align communications across the organization.

Shane loves traveling overseas whenever he can with his wife Alli, who he met at Graceland over 20 years ago while working lunches together at the Pizza Shack. They love all things pop culture and enjoy spending time walking their dogs, Buzz and Woody.

The story of Graceland is a constantly evolving, dynamic narrative that changes from year to year, based on the students that we attract. Today’s and tomorrow’s students are looking for a new story that will help them to navigate a messy world.